Tuesday’s Tails and National Pet ID Week

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My name is Yukon and I while I might look like a bear, I am as sweet as they come. Here are my vitals:

Approximately 2-3 year old, neutered male Chesapeake Bay Retriever.
House-trained and good in the house
Has all vaccines, and is chipped
Velcro dog – Nervous in car unless I’m in front seat, nervous on walks
Gun shy, high prey drive and flight risk so 6? fence yard is required

No one will ever know how I got into the situation I was in or for sure how long I was on my own. My story starts in north of Minneapolis, MN where I was sighted running loose in a rural area in Sep 2013. The neighbors saw me on and off during the fall and early winter. When it got cold and snowy, the neighbors decided to try and catch me, but I would have not part of it. They fed me good food and tried and tried to lure me in with meat but I would not allow them near me. I survived one of the worst winters in years because of the generosity of the neighbors and my smarts. The neighbors fed me and provided me with water.

I slept on top of a large buried natural gasline where the ground was warmer and the snow was not too deep. At the end of March a group of volunteers offered to try and catch me with a live trap. They set up the trap and within 4 hours I was in custody and could not have been happier! I kissed my rescuer the entire 2+ hour drive to his house. Even though I STUNK, Greg stayed with me in the garage all night. The next day he took me to meet Pam from the Chessie Rescue of WI and that is where I am today.

I LOVE to play fetch and I LOVE toys!

I am a big, happy and gentle boy. I love being someone’s dog and I NEVER want to be away from my human again. However, I have some fears and I am a runner, NOT a fighter! I am fine in my foster home’s 6’ fenced backyard, I feel safe. When I go for a walk I become nervous and barky. I do not like loud noises. I am gun shy and if given the chance I will RUN. My instinct is to run away from things that scare me and to chase critters that might be fun to chase like deer, rabbits and squirrels. I do not like to hear angry voices. I have very good house manners. I need a safe, secure and patient forever home.

Because I am a flight risk, my new home will require a 6’ fence and a kind hearted, patient person or two.


I want to be a lap dog and I love to snuggle.

I love playing with one of my foster brothers but the other one is mean to me because I am bigger than he is. However, I would never challenge his authority, I just want to be friends. I am very submissive. I LOVE to retrieve and could play ball ALL DAY.

I just want someone to love and keep me close and safe. Oh and I LOVE TO SNUGGLE!
House trained • Spayed/Neutered • Shots Current


National Pet ID Week 2014 – April 20-26

image for National Pet ID Week 2014 – April 20-26

Whether your pet is a Houdini-wannabe or never seems to leave your side, some sort of identification is a must-have. Celebrate National Pet ID Week by making sure your pets have their ID ready!

There are many options to choose from, and your best bet is to have at least one, but preferably two of the following:


In many jurisdictions, a rabies tag and city license are required accessories for dogs, and sometimes for cats as well. Even if you aren’t required to buy a license for your cat, your veterinarian would be happy to give you a rabies tag with your vaccination certificate. The numbers on both of these tags can be used to find you if someone finds your pet.

ID tag: a tag with your pet’s name and a couple of contact numbers is the quickest way to be reunited with your pet since the person who finds him or her can just call you directly. While it shouldn’t be instead of a license and rabies tag, it saves time because the finder doesn’t have to call the town or the veterinarian before you can be contacted.


·                        Tags are easily seen

·                        They identify your pet as lost rather than homeless right away

·                        Finding you is fast and simple

·                        You can get a temporary tag when you are travelling with your pet that has your local contact information


·                        They can become separated from your pet


A number is tattooed in the ear or on the thigh; many breeders do this for their pups.


·                        It’s permanent


·                        It can become faded or distorted over time

·                        It can be hidden by fur

·                        Many people won’t know to look for it

·                        You have to remember to update your contact information with the tattoo registry if you move or get a new telephone number


A tiny electronic chip imprinted with a number is placed near the neck or shoulders using a simple injection. It is quick and nearly painless to do.


·                        It’s permanent


·                        Your pet will have to be taken to animal control, a veterinarian or the city to be scanned for a chip

·                        Some scanners don’t read some brands of chip

·                        You have to remember to update your contact information with the chip company if you move or get a new telephone number

Even if the risk that you’ll be separated is low, the consequences are too awful to contemplate. Getting your pets their own ID is simple, inexpensive, and if you’ve ever spent even a moment panicking when you couldn’t find your furry best friend, you’ll know it’s totally worth it.

This National Pet ID week post was so nicely done by my sales rep Jill Jones from Midwest Veterinary Supply.

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16 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Tails and National Pet ID Week

  1. What a heart breaking story with a almost happy ending. I’m so glad they were able to rescue Yukon and get him in a safe place. The happily ever after will be him finding a loving home. I’m sharing. I’m still torn on microchipping Bentley. Do you recommend it?


  2. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found a loose dog in my suburban neighborhood with a collar but not tags whatsoever. What are people thinking?! With a current ID tag, I could call them and let them know I have their dog, instead of having to turn it over to animal control.


  3. Yukon, I will share your d on FB and I hope you will find a family who gives you all the love you deseved. btw: I have no clue why my mom gave me a special look at ” is good in the house” :o)


  4. Mom has been trying to teach us to recite our address or phone number with no luck. Katie and I are double chipped with European and US chips, Bailie has just a US chip, we wear id, and license tags, so we are about as covered as we can be. In Germany tattooing was big, but we wouldn’t recommend it as they fade, people don’t find them or know what they are. Chips and ID tags we think are best.


  5. Hi Y’all!

    What a wonderful story. Hope Yukon finds a safe home.

    My Human would be afraid to adopt a dog like him. In the south they use of fireworks for every occasion. Also, in rural areas like ours (and yours, I’m sure) there are frequent gun shots from hunters. In the mountains some have been so close, and reverberate off the mountains, that my Human and have actually jumped.

    I’m chipped, wear an ID tag and rabies tag. My Humans prefer the round ring type thingies to secure my tags. They are afraid, since I’m usually off leash, that I’ll loose a tag off those “s” things they give you with your tag.

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


  6. That beautiful boy has quite a story! Makes you wonder about his original home 😦 Definitely will be sharing. Great tips about pet identification. My three are microchipped and I have the chips checked ever trip we make to the vet’s office. Plus they all have ID tags.


  7. Your two stories tie together, because I imagine Yukon once had a home, but without ID they can’t know where he came from. He’s a cutie and I hope he finds a new home soon.
    All of our dogs wear all of the ID tags you mentioned, and Luke is microchipped as well. Great information, I follow lost dogs on different FB pages in my area, so I know that a lot do go missing. No matter how careful you are, anything can happen.


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