Mischief In Poop Hunt


It’s Scoop That Poop time again.

This months theme is “Poop Hunt”. Brought to you by our great host’s Sugar The Golden Retriever, Oz The Terrier and My Pawsitively Pets.

Poop hunt we're on it.

Poop hunt we’re on it.

The poop hunt begins.

The poop hunt begins.

I wonder who the Mischief drop a load in front of the steps was??????

Gman's on it, scoop that poop before it is tracked into the house.

Gman’s on it, scoop that poop before it is tracked into the house.

One should always Scoop That Poop, especially when someone drops a load right next to the steps to the deck. We don’t want any 2 or 4 leggers stepping in the poop and tracking it into the house.

April is Heartworm Awareness Month 

 The American Heartworm Society (AHS) has developed a series of heartworm life cycle illustrations for Heartworm Awareness Month. These professionally designed illustrations are available in two versions—one for pet owners (shown below) and one for veterinarians and clinic staff. These illustrations can be downloaded for FREE, and are suitable for use in client handouts, on your clinic website or Facebook page, in staff training materials, or to print and post in the exam room.

The AHS recommends year round administration of a chemoprophylatic drugs (heartworm preventative) to prevent heartworm disease, control other pathogenic and/or zoonotic parasites, and enhance compliance.

One big reason to Scoop That Poop.

Poop contains zoonotic parasites which means the parasites can be transmitted to humans. Yuck huh? You can get human parasites from touching animal poop.

In case where people are lazy and don’t Scoop That Poop it is a GREAT idea to have your pet on a Heartworm Preventative and to give that preventative once a month all year long.

Did you know that most Heartworm Preventatives will control intestinal parasites like Roundworms, Hookworms and Whipworms? That is one reason why it is recommended that you give  the preventative all year long so that your pet is dewormed monthly. Another reason why you should give the preventative year round is that you never know when you are going to have warm weather and you don’t have to worry about if you gave the last pill at the right time in the fall/winter. Most Heartworm Preventatives prevent heartworm disease by working backwards, meaning the pill you give on the 1st of the month will kill anything that is in the bloodstream from the month prior not for the current month you give the pill. So if you stop giving the preventative in November because you think it is too cold out you won’t be killing the heartworm that may have been transmitted in October. This happened to my out of state friend, her dog came down with heartworm disease. She gave the last pill in October and thought she would be ok as they had some cold weather. She now is going to give the medication year round and not take the chance again. We had our first case of Heartworm Disease also at the clinic last week. It was a dog that was rescued from down south and adopted out up here. It did have a negative heartworm test in December of 2013 that was negative but it must of been infected and the microfilaria were not old enough to release the antigen needed for a positive test.

Heartworm Disease is a deadly disease, intestinal parasites are transmissible to humans so lets give that Heartworm Preventative once a month all year long and don’t forget to SCOOP THAT POOP!

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37 thoughts on “Mischief In Poop Hunt

  1. I agree with you, Scoop that Poop! And sadly not only dogs are the minelayers…. I sometimes feel like a minesweeper on highway rest stops. Fortunately the heartworm is rare in our area , but it’s an adventive parasite, so it can happen here too. Do you think it makes sense to buy an application like Revolution what protects against fleas and the heartworm too instead to use the common spot-on products? just to be sure?


  2. Heartworm is a big concern here in South Florida, which is why we are always mad when people don’t scoop the poop! This post is an excellent reminder to everyone to scoop the poop and to use the preventative correctly. Excellent post, Miss JoAnn!


  3. Poop just gets more gross with age- I simply can’t understand why people don’t just ALWAYS clean it up right away! Since heartworm is rare here, people have a problem understanding how preventatives work as well as how easy heartworm is to prevent. My vet is always saying “and you continued your preventative for three months after the last possible exposure right?” With how much we travel, I am glad she is always reminding us!


  4. Hi Y’all!

    Here in the deep south we get flea and heartworm protection all year long! You never stop.

    Have you tried the new chewable flea med?

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


  5. Thank you for the info. Supposedly we do not have heartworm in our province, but I still insist on giving Buddy a heartworm preventive every month. Very informative and we thank you for sharing.


  6. “Who the mischief drop a load in front of the steps was?” LMAO You crack me up. I was doing so good on picking up the poop and then Sampson tore his ACL. I can’t watch both dogs while he’s on leash as he’s so limited to where he can go, so Delilah’s been pooping in the yard and it isn’t being cleaned up. I hope to have some time to work out there this coming weekend and get some of it cleared up.


  7. The world could use a poop month! I always knew that parvo was spread through fecal matter but I didn’t know strange poop could be so dangerous to adult dogs. Someone casually told me last month and it changed my world. Now that I know it seems like common sense but really… I was in the dark.

    I heartily endorse poop awareness!


  8. Jodi over at Heart Like A dog nominated you for our Share It Sunday. I know we featured you a good while back. Anyway just email a link and your nomination and we will have you featured for this Sunday.
    Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly


  9. Glad you found some poop on your hunt! Since I live in Texas, there are lots of heartworms here. We used to tell people that adopted a dog with a negative heartworm test that it could be positive the next year because of the reasons you mentioned. It takes 6 months for the babies to turn into adults.


  10. Some dog owners just don’t understand Heartworm and importance of picking up their dog’s poop. Golden Thanks for your continued support and help in spreading the importance of ScoopThatPoop. Golden Woofs


  11. It is important to scoop the poop. When the neighbor who was renting the house next door left, he left piles of poop which appeared once the snow melted. ugg The homeowner moved in in February and had to clean the mess for a dog that wasn’t even hers.


  12. We always scoop our poop in the backyard and of course on walks. There is not much worse than stepping in a pile of poo in your sneakers! Heartworms are very prevalent in the south since our mosquitoes are insane!! We use a monthly pill 12 months a year!.


  13. We are diligent about keeping our yard clear of poop, and when we walk the dogs. I hate nothing worse than stepping in it in my own yard!
    Our vet had recommended year round heartworm, and that’s what we do. I’m not sure I ever knew for sure why, so thanks for explaining that!


  14. When I am outside with the pugs in the morning before I leave for work I just made it part of my routine to scoop the poop while I am waiting for them to potty. Thanks for stopping by
    Bailey, Hazel, Greta & Mom


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