Monday Mischief~Grocery Helper

The other day I went grocery shopping. I came home and unloaded ghetto car. I left the passenger side door open with a big bag of grocery’s on the floor of the front seat. I hauled in other bags and let the dogs out since they were locked up for 4 hours. I stayed in the house and put the frozen items away. I came back out side and who do you think I saw running across the lawn like HE had turpentine on his skinny ass carrying a bag of candy bars????????????


Can’t guess can ya????????????????????


OK I know I gave you a big hint…………………………… I only have one male dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

It was Super G, who else!

yozers... I got turpentine on my ass.

yozers… I got turpentine on my ass.

Super G was running around the yard like he had the prize and wasn’t giving it up. Well I guess he was right he had the chocolate prize. You see that yellow object behind him? That is the wipes he hauled out also. In another photo you will see where the car was and where the wipes were. He hauled them about 40 yards from the car.

I don't want no stinking wipes.

I don’t want no stinking wipes.

I'm such a good helper.

I’m such a good helper.

I think this was one loaded bag of groceries and he drug it out of my car and placed it right here and then started to go shopping and race around the yard with his items.

Do your dogs help you bring in the grocery’s.

monday mischief

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38 thoughts on “Monday Mischief~Grocery Helper

  1. Oh boy, Gambler! hahahaha. at least the wipes are still in the box. the worst is when someone gets one and pulls the other ones out too :o) I always wonder why they exactly pick an item what is definitely meant not for them. And that all that can happen within two minutes! Easy is a great helper too. he killed a box with eggs once and to cover the mess he used shredded paper tissues….


  2. haha! What the helper he is!! Leroy likes to help me bring the groceries in by jumping on my back as I’m going up the stairs carrying 10 bags. He’s lucky I haven’t fallen on my face yet!


  3. GAMBLER…. this is BRILLIANT… SUPERIOR FANG TASTIC… YOU are getting Prepared fur the day when the E.Bunny… hides SUPER STUFFS all around your house. EXCELLENT TRAINING. We BOW DOWN to your PLANNING and PREPARATION.


  4. Too funny!! I usually try to corral mine away somewhere away from the car and groceries when I’m unloading. Otherwise they try to help carry the bags…which means sticking their heads in them when I’m trying to walk. I usually haul all the bags into the house, and then bring them to the kitchen, and Kobi’s favorite thing to do was stick his head in every bag to see what I got. Now Luke seems to be taking over that job too. The boys are the mischievous ones for sure!


  5. HAHAHAHA! He looks super happy running with that candy! Mine TRY to help with the groceries but there is a fence that keeps them from where I unload the car so thank goodness they can’t “help” like your guy did! LOL

    New follower coming over from the MPBH. So nice to meet you!


  6. Obviously, he had plans to eat the chocolate then wipe down the crime scene! That is too funny! We put both boys up while we put the groceries away if we have enough that they go on the floor. Bentley stole a package of pepperoni slices once. They aren’t to be trusted!


  7. OMD he’s a hoot!!! Now Delilah WOULD help, BUT I can’t let her out in the yard, it’s to civilized and she’d take off. If we had the land that you had, she would definitely do the same thing. In fact, when I walk in the door I can’t move because she immediately shoves her head into the bag of groceries.


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