Monday Mischief~St. Patty Day Mischief?

You think a little mischief happened at the SS house getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day? Take a look at what went down and you let me know if you think it was mischief or not. We’re not Irish but we like ok more like I like to dress everyone up. Any chance to put some funky items on them and take pictures is a great day.

The dresser where all the props are hidden. It is chuck full.

The dresser where all the props are hidden. It is chuck full.


DSC_0649 DSC_0641 DSC_0632 DSC_0623 DSC_0614 DSC_0612


DSC_0584 DSC_0580

If you didn’t think there was any mischief in any of those photos how about these?


DSC_0659 DSC_0658

DSC_0611 DSC_0607

DSC_0595 DSC_0589

DSC_0573 DSC_0570 DSC_0569

DSC_0562 DSC_0560 DSC_0558 DSC_0554 DSC_0552



monday mischief

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40 thoughts on “Monday Mischief~St. Patty Day Mischief?

  1. Cat inthe Hat… CAT IN THE HAT…. we see the CAT in the Hat… Irish Style.
    You all look SUPER all decked out fur St. Paddy’s Day!!! Grrrreat FUN.


  2. Oh. My. DOG. These are the best photos EVER!!! But I gotta tell ya – your Chessies are gorgeous, but that MK is a doll baby! She wins the prize for most photogenic!


  3. Thanks for sharing all of the photos, and not just the perfect ones! They were too funny, especially the looks on their faces in some of them!
    “Hey, Mom, we posed for you, the least you could do is let us eat the props afterwards!” LOL


  4. Hi Y’all!

    BOL! If looks could kill! You humans are so lucky that looks can’t kill!

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


  5. LoL what great photos. It seemed the dogs like to be dressed up in the start of the photos. I can even see one of them smile, but the cat….He looks like he is going to throw up LOL. Have a nice day.


  6. Those are hilarious photos! Does MK have a heart on her nose? I love your chest of drawers with your dress-up clothes in it. Thanks for the laughter! I hope y’all have a great St. Patrick’s Day!


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