FitDog Friday~Neck Strengthening Tools

This past Sunday the SS gang went on a walk/run around our property. We finally didn’t have freezing temps and the weather was somewhat nice, the snow is melting so I thought I better get out and get some snow pictures before it is all gone. After our walk I decided we came across three neck strengthening tools that I wasn’t even aware of.

The first neck strengthening tool is a ball. It really has a dual purpose, Gambler carries it the whole time we are out and about so he is strengthening his neck muscles when carrying it and when he puts it down and picks it up again more strengthening. It also promotes the game of chase as the other dogs want the ball too so he runs away with his ball and they chase after him to try and get the ball for him. All in all exercise for them all.






The second tool is sticks, the gang found tree limbs laying around so they thought they should pick them up and carry them around. If one dog picked one up the other dog thought they should have that stick too so then it was a game of tug o war with the stick working on not only strengthening the neck muscles but the whole upper body.








The third tool is firewood, on our way back to the house Glory just happened upon a piece of firewood that she carried from the deck to the pasture so now she found it again and decided she needed to carry it back to the house getting in some strengthening exercise as she goes.


DSC_0977 DSC_0975

So you can find stuff out in the environment to help out with your exercise program.

Nellie says phooie on exercise.

Nellie says phooie on exercise.


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21 thoughts on “FitDog Friday~Neck Strengthening Tools

  1. You are right, that would be good for the neck, but we don’t like to carry stuff around. My two sisters do enjoy playing tug a war in the house with toys, so that is something at least.


  2. Sticks and Balls and Firewoods are SUPER fur Neck Strengthening… and JAW strengthning and … Well the LIST goes ON and ON… butt they are REALLY just FUN to play with. Right?


  3. Rocco has fun with most of these same items too. Except I don’t think he can fit the firewood in his mouth! He loves his Jolly Ball, kind of like your big purple ball, except it has a handle that makes it easier for a small dog to pick up and carry! Looks like you all had a blast!
    Your pals,
    Diane and Rocco


  4. Love all the snow photos! We are heading into Autumn here in Australia so not long before we get some snow in the mountains! We’ll be taking Kate up there for her first snow adventure this year, love getting inspiration for activities from your posts! Great ideas on how to use items you find out on the trails as part of strengthening activites 🙂


  5. Hi Y’all!

    I carry a ball or a bumper every and I do mean EVERY place when I’m outside.

    Y’all come by now!
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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