Nothing But Norman #28

Happy Saturday Everyone!

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First off I have to say a big THANK YOU to my dear friend Dina who made me this beautiful bracelet in memory of Norman. The love for Norman still keeps coming in and I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends that make me smile when the days are sad.


We are still in the polar vortex here in WI. Freezing cold snowy weather. So I dug into the archives for some more baby pictures of Norman just after we got him playing in the snow.

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They claim we are going to have freezing weather though out February. So we will go back in time or so it will look like with baby Norman and John’s nephew in Sepia for our Sepia Saturday Blog Hop with Ruckus The Eskie.


John has twin nephews that were born in 1995, Brandon and Jordan. This is one of them holding baby Norman Christmas of 2000. I don’t know which one this is and at this years Christmas I asked John’s sister Kathy, her husband Gary, Grandma, the twin boys and their sister Becca which one this was and no one really knew. They thought Brandon but couldn’t be sure. I got a kick out of it!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and have a happy Sepia Saturday.


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25 thoughts on “Nothing But Norman #28

  1. It’s a nice idea to wear a bracelet with his name. So he is always with you, in your heart in your memories and on your wrist :o) I love the twin-story, it’s great to have a twin, I wish I had one too!


  2. Oh Miss JoAnn, Norman as a pup in the snow?!? He was so freaking adorable!!! You are so lucky to have so many “puppy shots”…for some reason, Ma does not have that many “puppy shots” of me. Sad really…that my human is so dumb sometimes. Anyway, love the photo of your nephew and Norman too…the nephew looks so happy; Norman looks like he is thinking “get me outta here”. BOL
    Happy Sepia Saturday.


    • Thank you OZ, I wish I had more photos, I seem to only have a few from when he was 8 weeks old then they jump to when he was like 5-6 months old. That was back in the day with 35 mm film. Back in the day I don’t think we were so crazy about camera’s and photos like we are now. Your human is making up for it now as she is taking great photos of you now.


  3. Can’t say enough about the bracelet Dina made. So utterly perfect! And little puppy Norman… *sigh* I don’t think my puppy bug is EVER going away. A-DOR-ABLE!!!


  4. What a great way to honor Norman and a beautiful bracelet. He was certainly a gorgeous pup! That is too funny that nobody could tell which twin is in photo. I’d definitely have to tattoo names on twins so I didn’t confuse them! LOL


  5. Your bracelet is so beautiful. What a wonderful tribute to him.
    Such a handsome boy. ❀ Thank you for sharing.

    Also, that is too funny that not even the twin boys knew which twin it is in the photo! Hahaha.


  6. Norman was a really cute puppy!! I love the photos of him in the snow and that bracelet is just beautiful. I’m so glad you are continuing to be surrounded by love.


  7. That bracelet is so beautiful…what a lovely, special gift.
    I love the puppy photos…Norman was such a cutie!
    That’s funny….I have two nephews named Brandon and Jordan too. Not twins but born just a year apart.


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