Thursday Barks And Bytes

BB3 I am happy to be joining Linda at 2browndawgs and Jodi at Heart Like A Dog for their very first Thursday Barks And Bytes blog hop.

For my Barks today I will share some photos from a pheasant hunt we did at Sand Spring Chesapeakes. I still have pheasants that I raised this spring in pens. The winter weather has been hard on them and on their pen. Their pen doors froze shut with the ice storm we had so I had to kick the door in to open it to water them so I decided it was time to have a little hunt so I didn’t have so many to take care of. It also let the dogs have some fun in the middle of winter when no hunting is going on. I asked my nephew Joey if he wanted to join in and of course he jumped at the chance so here is our hunt. Each dog was to get 4 pheasants a piece but we ended up only getting 11 of the 12 birds. Great time was had by all.

Nellie was first up on the hunt.





Miss Glory was next up.



Gambler was the last dog up, he got to hunt with Glory. I knew he would get to retrieve birds since he is faster than Glory but we needed both dogs out there as the birds got up and ran so we need more noses to find them.




For my Bytes:

photo 2

photo 3

photo 3 (2)

Back in December Boingy Dog had a WagAware giveaway and I was lucky enough to win 2 WagAware pet charms. You can read about them from Boingy Dog here.


I will be putting these charms on Gambler and Glory’s therapy dog collars. This is a great conversation starter on why one should adopt  a shelter dog or rescue one from a private organization. Thanks Boingy Dog!

bb3b_fotor1 Thanks again for a great blog hop!

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17 thoughts on “Thursday Barks And Bytes

  1. I can see how much fun they had and how much they enjoyed the hunt. I think it’s a great idea to put the charms on the collars, I hope some pups will find a home this way :o) We had the same problem with the door of our chicken pen. I used hot water, but your way to open the door sounds much better. I needed nearly an hour to open the door :o)


  2. What a hunt! I didn’t know you could hunt right on your own property. I am wondering how you will cook up all that pheasant…we’ve never had it before. The Wagaware charms are great and I think it is a pawesome idea to use them as conversation starters!
    *high paws*


  3. Thanks for joining the blog hop!

    I think that’s cool that you have a way to entertain the dogs in the off season by doing something they love, but is it hard for you to feed and care for something and then end up shooting it? (LOL I could never be a farmer.)

    I love the photos of MK, she is such a character!!


  4. Thanks so much for joining Barks and Bytes. I really appreciate it!

    That looks like a fabulous hunt and you got wonderful pictures. I love the pheasants with the dogs against the snow. The day we hunted back the beginning of December was super cold and the birds did a lot of running. I think that is why Freighter was skunked on the hunt. He kept hunting were they had been instead of where they were. Hope he learns. 🙂

    When I look at Glory’s face, she is so much more mature looking that Freighter who is a few weeks (?) younger. It is the same with Freighter’s sister who looks more mature then he does.

    MK is as cute as ever. 🙂


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