Monday Mischief~Pheasant Down

We haven’t been doing much pheasant hunting since the weather has been cold and we have gotten a bunch of snow. The DNR isn’t releasing anymore birds for the season so we have been staying home. Since we haven’t gotten out to hunt Gambler has extra energy so he took it upon himself to go pheasant hunting himself with a pheasant that lives in our house.

Pheasant down, pheasant down.

Pheasant down, pheasant down.

I must clean my kill.

I must clean my kill.

With all the extra energy Gambler decided to leave the yard and go look for a pheasant himself. He managed to find the carcass pile that John took way across the pasture into the marsh. Instead of staying there and eating on the pile like Nellie does he thought he better get home before he got yelled at and of course he couldn’t leave the pheasant behind so here he came running across the pasture with his prize in his mouth.

Here I come with my prize.

Here I come with my prize.

I don't know why they took this nice bird way out into the marsh.

I don’t know why they took this nice bird way out into the marsh.

When not able to burn energy all kinds of mischief is to be had.

monday mischief

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11 thoughts on “Monday Mischief~Pheasant Down

  1. Compliments to Gambler for being so resourceful! You know what you want and you go out and get it! We have one of those first pheasants you killed. Ours is a bit dismembered as well, missing feet, dead squeaker, etc. Happy mischief making!


  2. So do you really let them eat the pheasants? Wouldn’t that be counter-productive? I mean I could so see Delilah trying to swallow the bird before she brought it back. LOL


  3. Now Bentley could definitely qualify as a hunter of the first kind of pheasant. A stuffed toy is right up his alley. They don’t fly and there are no loud gun noises involved! LOL! You can never hide a carcass from a dog’s nose. : )


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