Follow-Up/FitDog Friday

We are joining Jodi at Heart Like A Dog for Follow-Up Friday.
Welcome to this week’s edition of Follow-Up Friday, the blog hop that lets you wrap up your week and leads you right into the weekend.


Nothing But Norman #22

Norman's stuff.

Norman’s stuff.

I am so glad I did this, I just sit and stare at it while watching TV and it makes me smile. 

Black And White Sunday


DSC_0143 - Copy

Golden Congrats on the 500 post. Where’s the kitty?

Here she is….being naughty and chewing on the cord….


Monday Mischief~Holiday Decorations

I wonder what this is?

I wonder what this is?

Happy to announce that Gman is behaving and hasn’t touched any decorations since. (not holding breath)

Glory’s Lone Pheasant Hunt

This little buggar is fast.

This little buggar is fast.

easyweimaraner says:

I would like to hunt with you together :o) What will you do with the pheasants? Is there a trick to prepare them? We’ve got one once from a hunter and it was not eatable (maybe this one was a prehistoric bird).

Easy, your bird might of been a old one, we get tough ones also and I hate the legs as they are all tendons and tough from all their running when they aren’t flying. I recently started making them many different ways as we have so many of them I needed to do different things with them. I have put them in Alfredo sauce, made chili (thanks Flea) the other night with them, made a pheasant casserole, pheasant pot pie but mostly just bread them and fry or bake them like you would a chicken. 

Wordless Wednesday~Raindeer Gman


OMD…I hope you got LOTS of treats for this! Like…two whole bags worth!

I was too busy taking pictures I forgot to give them treats during the photo shoot but I did give them all a Jones Natural Chews bone when I left for work this am. Does that count?

Meet The Bloggers~I’m JoAnn

One of my best adventures was Alligator hunting and yes I kiss gators too.

One of my best adventures was Alligator hunting and yes I kiss gators too.

Hawk aka BrownDog says:

Hi Y’all!

Where’d you hunt your gators?

A few years ago my friend who happens to be a veterinary sales rep came into the clinic one day and told me she won a trip to Disney a all paid trip for 4 so she asked me if I wanted to come with and we would skip Disney and we would go gator hunting. I jumped at the chance for sure. A all paid trip all I had to pay for was my gator hunt. It was a hunt of a lifetime and hopefully soon I will write a blog on it (can I do that since it doesn’t have anything to do with my chessies)? Here is another picture.

The gator stol

The gator stol

Our house is filled with stuff we have harvested over the years.

Our house is filled with stuff we have harvested over the years.

Nailah Bone says:

Wow, that bird in the 2nd picture is HUGE! What is it?
This is a white fronted goose or also called a specklebelly goose. I got this goose when I was hunting in Canada with Norman, I got it mounted and it is really special to me since it was done with Norman and it was finally a bird that I got stuffed before John did. 

Greater White-fronted Goose

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Greater White-fronted Goose (Anser albifrons) is a species of goose. The Greater White-fronted Goose is more closely related to the smallerLesser White-fronted Goose (A. erythropus). In Europe it has been known as simply “White-fronted Goose“; in North America it is known as theGreater White-fronted Goose (or “Greater Whitefront”), and this name is also increasingly adopted internationally.[1] It is named for the patch of white feathers bordering the base of its bill. But even more distinctive are the salt-and-pepper markings on the breast of adult birds, which is why the goose is colloquially called the “Specklebelly” in North America.[2]

Okay… I have questions. Is “Marsh kitty” her name because you found her in a marsh?? Yes you are correct but I didn’t name her, my friend from work named her and it just stuck. I just call her cat when at home.  Also… feed the animals including pheasants… You guys have pheasants? We do have pheasants, I got 200 pheasants this spring from the DNR (Department Of Natural Resources) they are very hard to raise so I ended up loosing around 100 but the ones I have left are training birds for the dogs. 

This ‘N That Thursday

Whatcha got on your head Giblet?

Whatcha got on your head Giblet?

So I am a bad mom and can’t even tell my dogs apart….baaaahaaaaaa! Glory is wondering what is on momma Nellie’s head not Giblets. Stay tuned for more xmas pictures to come and you might even get to see some non blooper ones. 

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FitDog Friday

Sunday Glory got to go on her very own pheasant hunt which she did great at and had so much fun getting all 6 birds herself. Can you tell how excited she was?


She really stretched her muscles on this retrieve.

She really stretched her muscles on this retrieve.

Fast as fast can be you can't get away from me.

Fast as fast can be you can’t get away from me.

After her pheasant hunt she then went with Gambler and Nellie to public land to hunt pheasants for another hour. She got her fit workout this day.


Please enjoy our FitDog Friday Blog Hop brought to you by SlimDoggy and our co-hosts Peggy’s Pet Place and To Dog With Love. Join the Hop or just enjoy the links below – lots of fun fitness tips and advice!

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14 thoughts on “Follow-Up/FitDog Friday

  1. We will try it again with a another pheasant, dad’s buddy always asks if we want some pheasants (or partridges) for me ( my staff eats no meat, only fishies sometimes, Sorry Nemo). Hope this time we will not get the Pheasanosaurus Rex. :o)


  2. Do you ever let the dogs eat pheasant? Not when they first return them to you but as a raw meal at some point later after it’s been cleaned? Or would that be a big no-no in their hunting skills?


    • Nope don’t give it to them unless we give them a bit after we eat ours. They have been known to run to the scrape pile and eat the bones. We try not to let them eat on the fresh carcass as then would want to eat them in the field then.


  3. Awesome post JoAnn, thanks so much for joining the blog hop!!

    I can’t wait to read your “meet the blogger” post, it looks very interesting!!

    You are quite the hunter….huntress? Which do you prefer?


  4. I enjoyed your follow-up and the wonderful pictures. I think you should write about your gator hunt. Its your blog. 🙂 LOL on occasion I have labeled a dog one name, then I look again and oops…wrong name.


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