Nothing But Norman #21

Happy Saturday Everyone!

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At The Beginning.

It all started May 2000. May 8th was our first Chesapeake Brooke’s second Birthday so we took her in to have her OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) x-ray’s done so we could start Sand Springs breeding program. We got some bad results, it turned out Brooke failed her OFA as she was given a mild dysplastic rating which meant we couldn’t breed her. We had her spayed and our hunt for a new puppy was started. When we picked out Brooke we really wanted a male but she was the only pup left out of the litter we found so we went with her. This time we were going to get the male we wanted in the first place. We contacted several kennels and we finally found the kennel we were going to go with for our next puppy to enter into our breeding program that we wanted to start. We put down a deposit on a puppy from Caroway Chesapeakes. The litter was born 11/3/00, a litter of 2 males. The week of Christmas we went down and picked out our new puppy. It was hard to choose which one we were going to go with and then little Norman picked us. We scooped up our little bundle of love and our journey for the next 13 years had begun.

Norman was named before we even picked him out. John named him and you ask why he named him Norman, well it is because of this……

John said he wanted a dog that would be fat and lazy (like Norm on Cheers) in the duck blind, so he named him after Norm on Cheers. He was far from fat and lazy as you will find out in the weeks ahead.

Parent’s: HRCH UH CH Cur-san’s Plan-O-Bud SH     x      Caroway’s Tasha WD

Norman's Dad Bud.

Norman’s Dad Bud.

Norman's mom Tasha.

Norman’s mom Tasha.

Bithday: 11/3/00



Registered Name: Sand Spring Norm Of Caroway

Call Name: Norman

Nicknames: Norm, Bung, Mung, Bunganeizer, Norman J (when he was naughty I would call him Norman J because you know when moms are trying to get their kids attention they say their middle name so his middle name was J after John and JoAnn).



And of course I am still buying stuff to keep Norman’s memory alive. This week I ordered and made a custom phone cover for my new iphone. Whatcha think?


I also bought a new charm for my Origami Owl necklace, I bought a rainbow heart (it was by Forever In My Heart).th

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


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10 thoughts on “Nothing But Norman #21

  1. Norman was an adorable puppy! Love the new phone cover:) It’s awesome. And I have to ask, what happened to Brooke? I think this is the first that I have heard of her! Have a great weekend.


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