Scoop That Poop~Poop Patrol


Today we join Sugar The Golden Retriever and her co-host’s Oz The Terrier, The World According To Garth Riley, My Pawsitively Pets and Emma MyGBGVLife. Thanks to all of you for having this informative blog hop.


Poop Patrol………

DSC_0458 - Copy

Officer Glory here today to do poop patrol in Cambria, WI. 


Driving around in my Police car checking out the area to see who is not scooping their dogs poop when out for a walk. 

DSC_0477 - Copy

Time to patrol on paw.

DSC_0478 - Copy

Looks like we have a poop bandit on our paws….I wonder who could of left this pile and didn’t bother to scoop their poop?


Was it Nellie breaking the law?


Or was it Gambler breaking the law?


images (3)

Since the poop will be analyzed at the CSI lab I officer Glory will just have to arrest both poop bandits! 

images (5)

The honorable Glory will now give the verdict for poop bandit Nellie and Gambler. 

download (2)

The verdict is………………….100 hours of community scoop that poop service with the white dog as your leader. So go out and Scoop That Poop and keep the community clean and disease free. 

download (1)

When I was thinking of what to do for this post today I happened to be looking at my Gun Dog magazine and there was a article about the PooTrap. Of course I had to look it up being this blog hop was coming up. Here is the youtube video of the PooTrap. The ending made me crack up!

Let’s all be respectable and pick up after your pet. No one likes to come across poop on their walks. Thank you to our host’s for this great awareness blog hop.


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17 thoughts on “Scoop That Poop~Poop Patrol

  1. It’s funny what you say about CSI… I’ve heard of condo and apartment complexes in some places beginning to do DNA testing for dogs. If you want to live there you have to provide a sample of your dog’s DNA and if they find dog poop on the property they’ll test it and fine you, or maybe throw you out! They could hire David Caruso to put his sunglasses on and off every time a dog poops.


  2. OMD. I would NOT walk around with the pootrap stuck to bum! How embarrassing! Good work, patroller Glory! I hope these two have learned their lessons and will not leave poop bombs all over the place anymore.
    *high paws*


  3. PooTrap 🙂 We saw recently on TV that lots of small complex ask all dogs to be registered and take a poopDNA test .. so there’s that Doggie CSI. You guys are Pawsome #ScoopThatPoop officers. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar


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