Animal Aid Arrives In The Philippines

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Animal relief groups,Humane Society International and the International Fund for Animal Welfare have arrived in Tacloban,one of the hardest hit areas by Typhoon Haiyan.

The IFAW  and the PhilippinesAnimal Welfare Society (PAWS) are working together in assessing the situation and helping all animals in need.They are offering relief to humans and their animals.You can help by  donating to any of the organizations listed below.

World Vets and the American Veterinary Medical Association also have standby teams.

Donations can be made to :


PAWS Facebook for updates and pictures

The only donations in-kind that we can accept at PARC until November 25, 2013 are the ones which can be placed inside the responders’ carry-on bags:
Doxycyclene capsules (250mg)
Puritabs (water-purifying tablets)
Oral rehydration salts
Energy bars  

Author’s Note via IFAW

“Update: 10:30 a.m. GMT, 13 November 2013: Right now, our animal…

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