Walk Your Dog Hop

This is a new monthly blog hop started by BoingyDog from California,Paws and Pedals from Australia and Gizmo Terrier Torrent from Florida. This hop will be the first Monday of each month.


This is what they have to say about the hop: Welcome to the Walk Your Dog Blog Hop, a monthly celebration of the joy to be  found in the simple act of leashing up your dog and heading out the door… If you want to make plans to join us next time, the date will be Monday, December 2nd…
I just found out about this today on Gizmo’s blog. I wanted to join because I have been out walking my dog so wanted to share in the fun. This time of year I don’t walk the dogs on a leash. Our walking consists of going hunting, when hunting the dogs aren’t on a leash but they are walking, running, swimming which means they are still getting exercise. I am getting exercise also as I am right there with them in the walking and running department, I try to avoid swimming as I can’t swim, so I will leave that to the dogs as we know they are retrievers so they can do all the retrieving in the water.
This post is going to be about me. Last February I went to the doctor and of course got weighed. I had no idea how much I weighed, I new my clothes were fitting a little snug but I thought I still looked alright. Boy was I in for a rude awaking when the nurse told me I weighed 166#! Mind you I am 5.2″ and believe my heaviest was around 150#. I told her she must be seeing things. When she left the room I threw off all my clothes and jumped back on the scale and yup 166#. When the doctor came in I told him the scale told me I was fat. It was then I decided I needed to make a life change. My sister-in-law Lynn was already using My Fitness Pal phone app for tracking her caloric and exercise intake. So I started using that program, grabbed my leashes and started walking my dogs (Nellie is overweight also so this was good for her too).
With many dog walks and counting my calories I reached by goal in 6 months. I am happy to report I lost 36# and a whole lot of inches on my body. I am on maintenance calories now and still maintaining my weight. Walking the dogs, hunting with the dogs is what keeps me maintaining. So this is a win win situation for me and for the dogs!
Here are a couple before and after pictures of me:
August 2012 to June 2013

August 2012 to June 2013

Here I am with Gambler.

August 2012 to June 2012

August 2012 to June 2012

Here I am with Glory.

So grab that leash and get out and walk it will do the bodies wonders!

Thanks again to our host for this blog hop: BoingyDog from California,Paws and Pedals from Australia and Gizmo Terrier Torrent from Florida.

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25 thoughts on “Walk Your Dog Hop

  1. Thanks so much for joining the Hop and for sharing your story…The best thing about walking is that it is so good for both dogs and people…Your changes are evident and you really look great


  2. Walking is wonderful exercise…but we also enjoy our walks because we are outdoors enjoying the fresh air and taking in nature. Congratulations on your weight loss. That deserves
    *Four High Paws*


  3. I live in Abu Dhabi in the Middle East, a country where temperatures from April through to October are well over 100 degrees all day , every day (120 is not uncommon). I walk my dogs every day. Early in the morning we go out before the tarmac and sand gets too hot for their paws, we see the sun come up and the new day starting. I take them to the beach and let them run in the water unless that has gone boiling too. I walk the golf course, I walk round the stores , I walk walk walk. I love walking, I love being with my dogs out in the desert and on the beach seeing them running round for pure joy.


  4. This is such a fantastic post and so inspiring! I love that you used the walk for your health and the dogs’ health as well – congratulations! Thank you as well for joining the hop today!


  5. That is so awesome! You look great! Every so often I will make myself lose 5-10 lbs, but maintaining the loss is my biggest problem. I know it’s crept back up on me again. I do better than I ever have with walking the dogs, but I know I still need to step it up just a bit more. I’m going to look into that phone app!


  6. Wow, you look great! That’s so fantastic! I had gained about 10 lbs when our beagle got older and we weren’t walking quite as much. (And I just got kinda lazy…) Once we got Abby, oh man, I had to walk her so much the lbs just came right off without even giving it much thought. One day I noticed I had to keep pulling my jeans up! That’s when I realized I’d lost the weight. (Unfortunately, Rita doesn’t need QUITE as much exercise as Abby did as a crazy pup, so the jeans fit just right now and don’t fall down. I kinda preferred it when they were falling down – but that’s probably not going to happen again.) Anyway, I always tell folks a crazy puppy is a great weight loss plan! Let’s hear it for the walkers! (I’m going to have to join this hop next time!)


  7. That is awesome. I bet that was a shock on the scale. Mom never goes on a scale except at the dr. and she hates it even though she is fit. Walking is an awesome way to stay in shape for life. Mom likes to eat, so she has to run also to burn those extra calories, but good for you taking the bull by the horns and getting back in shape!


  8. Hi Y’all!

    We didn’t know about this hop either. Somehow we’ve missed it on Gizmo’s blog.

    Congratulations on getting yourself in shape. I’m tellin’ my Human about that app. Thanks.

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


  9. What a great achievement & a perfect post for the Walk you Dog BlogHop. I always reckon that your dog is your best workout buddy & your pics are proof that it works. Sounds like you may have had a little fun in the process of all those workouts too….that’s the beauty of choosing a dog to get active with 🙂


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