Nothing But Norman #15

Happy Saturday Everyone!


You will be happy to know you won’t read a sappy crying post this week. No melt downs as Norman had a great week! He is doing great on his pain meds and feeling good. He still has a limp but he is managing to get around just fine. Stairs are still a hassle and it might be time for me to move down to the couch with him. Even if I do move down to the couch I will need to put up a baby gate to keep Norman from going up the steps. Whenever I go up stairs he feels the need to follow me up there as he always has to be where ever I am. I tell him I will be right back but he doesn’t listen and he follows me up. I love him so much that he loves me so much he always wants to be by me.

I didn’t go on any outing with him this week. I did give him a crown knuckle bone from Jones Naturals Chews. He loved it!

nom nom nom

nom nom nom

I'm giving you the Sampson yoda ear since my friend did it the other day.

I’m giving you the Sampson yoda ear since my friend did it the other day.

We take it one day at a time, cherishing every moment.

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21 thoughts on “Nothing But Norman #15

  1. I am so glad Norman is feeling much better. I read last Saturday’s post and was unable to answer. It was a beautiful post and pictures but it brought back memories of my Tyler’s last days. He was my very special love dog, always with me. I knew how you were feeling while you were posting and was hoping it was just a bad day and Norman would be feeling better. You have our thoughts and prayers that Norman still has a lot of good days 🙂


  2. Glad you are feeling better, Norman! You sound a lot like my Cooper. He follows me everywhere 🙂 I hope this next week goes even better for you! 🙂


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