Monday Mischief~The Destroyer



One Sunday morning we took Nellie early goose hunting and left Gambler, Glory and Norman home. Gambler and Glory get crated as they can’t be trusted running loose yet. I had to leave hunting early, came home, opened the door and who greets me at the door? Yes Norman greeted me at the door as he wasn’t locked up but the other one that met me at the door was none other than Gambler! Surprise, surprise huh?

This is what I seen when I walked through the house.


The bottle that had kerosene in it for my candle was knocked over and kerosene was all over the floor.


Throw rugs that were in front of Gamblers kennel were in the living room with pee on them.


He must of been up on the table as I didn’t leave it like this. Besides being one the table the island place mats were all messed up to so I’m guessing he was up there also. I quickly cleaned up what I could before I had to get Glory to the dog show and locked Gambler back into his kennel and added some extra latches to the front of the door to keep him in. I shut the door to lock him in the laundry room if he got out and Norman just happened to be in there also laying on his bed.



This is what I walked into after Glory’s show. The treat container was tipped over and treats eaten.



Gambler’s and Nellie’s kennels were across the room. Gambler’s kennel is the lower black one and Nellie’s is the condo one.


The kennel tray was out of Gamblers kennel.


He karate kicked the bi-fold closet doors open and tipped over the tool box and spread tools every where’s.



Pee’d on numerous items and poor Norman must of been thinking “WTF, you are all your mothers son”.

This was one hell of a mischief day don’t ya think?



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26 thoughts on “Monday Mischief~The Destroyer

  1. Holy smokes! That’s a crap load of mischief! I do love that deep orange on your walls, though. The black frames set it off just right.


  2. Oh my! That is crazy mischief! The kerosene is nuts!

    Sometimes I think Gambler and Freighter are separated at birth! Freighter is great at getting the crate pan out only he gets rug under and chews. What a goof. Hubby ended up putting nylon ties all over the folding crate so he could not get the pan out. Now no more folding crate!


  3. Hi Y’all!

    I’ve got to be sure my Human reads this one! She’ll REALLY appreciate me! The worst thing I ever did was take a paper or two out of a trash can. I haven’t been locked up since I was like 2 years old. I must say though, the only folding crate I have is the one in the SUV…the others are all airline crates…no pan.

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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