Monday Mischief~The Marker

Gambler was into all kinds of mischief after we rolled into the farm house in Saskatchewan for our week of snow goose hunting.
The first mischief that was happening was Pearl (Gambler’s Aunt) was in season so her hormones were flying so that made the male dog hormones fly.


Pearl you smell good!

Besides Gambler being intact the farm dog that lives there was intact and the other male dog Louie that hunted with us was intact so all kinds of mischief was going of to see who could be the big stud muffin and win Pearl over.


Gambler said “I’m the big stud!”



Louie said “I’m the big stud!”

To prove who was the biggest stud there was a lot of male territorial marking with urine going on. The males spent the days not hunting running around the farm yard marking everything.



Marking everything!

This is when the mischief got good for Gambler. He wasn’t going to be un done by Louie so since he is so agile and can jump over the side of our truck box to get in the back of the truck he jumped in and then jumped on top of the toolbox that is in the back of the truck and then lifted his leg on the back window of the truck, where the American Chesapeake Club decal was.

He has no respect at all for his fellow brothers and sisters.

We were all sitting around talking when someone starts laughing and said “you aren’t going to believe what Gambler just did”. “He pee’d on your back window!” I wouldn’t have believed it but yes there were pee streaks down the window.
Guess he showed Louie!

On another day we were setting up decoys in the dark, I let gambler out to run a bit before we were ready to hunt and Mike comes over and said “gman just pee’d on my seat in my truck.” So lesson learned there, when Gambler is around do not leave your truck doors open. After the hunt I was putting my stuff away in the truck and my chair I sit on while hunting was on the ground. Who came over and pee’d on that you wonder? Of course the Gman did! I showed Mike and told him Gambler wasn’t playing favorites and he marked my stuff also.

2013-10-05 14.59.12


The other pee spot, Mikes truck seat.

While in the farm house Gambler was kept on a leash tethered to me so he couldn’t cause any mischief in the farm house.

As they say “boy’s will be boy’s”


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18 thoughts on “Monday Mischief~The Marker

  1. Oh. My. DOG. That’s HILARIOUS! I don’t know which pee spot is best! I say it’s hilarious, but one time would be enough for me. Time to separate the dogs!


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