Monday Mischief~The Terrorist In Saskatchewan

I raised Gambler and his sister Marie until she was old enough to be shipped over to the UK. Since she was still with us when our Saskatchewan trip came about I decided to take both 4.5 months old puppies along with Norman with. What was I thinking you ask? I have no idea what I was thinking but it was a trip to remember!


Legs every where’s. On our way to Saskatchewan.


Is it morning?


First morning of hunting. Wondering what all those things in the field were and what is up with the ginormous geese.


The mischief starts by chewing on wheat stubble.


2 against 1.


Going to retrieve the goose but it is much more fun to run amuck.


What you talking about Willis, I am not eating the bird!


Who says we are the terrorist mischief makers, we are laying here minding our own business.


I learned this trick of flipping shotgun shells when I’m board from my dad who is watching me to make sure I do it correctly.


I got the bird, na na na na na, you can’t catch me!


I learned from little on to hike my ass up high when I poo.


Let me help you with that goose.


I almost got it.


No mischief here.


Lots of mischief here…..don’t eat that goose! Get over here!


I think I will eat this box!

That concludes our Monday Mischief Saskatchewan post. Come back tomorrow to see what else happened in the far north.

monday mischief

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11 thoughts on “Monday Mischief~The Terrorist In Saskatchewan

  1. Oh my, that must have been a fun trip. Lots of laughs (and shouts of No Don’t eat THAT!). I love love LOVE the expression on both of their faces on the shot that you have titled “no mischief here”. Too perfect. 🙂


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