Follow-Up Friday

We are joining Jodi at Heart Like A Dog for Follow-Up Friday.
Welcome to this week’s edition of Follow-Up Friday, the blog hop that lets you wrap up your week and leads you right into the weekend.
Today’s co hostess is Sue from The Golden Life.

Don’t you just love photo books!

I do love photo books. I have been slowly but surly getting some pictures off my computer and putting them in books. 

That was so cute. Did you use treats, or were they just interested in the book?

No treats were used. I just made them sit on the chair and they did the rest.

Scoop That Poop~Be A Scooper Hero

Scooper Hero Gman

Scooper Hero Gman


My question, why can’t poor Nellie drop a deuce without someone climbing on her head? Have they no respcet for the pooping ceremony?

Look who is ramming Nellie in the head, it is Gman, he has NO respect at all for others. It is all about him. Since he got to wear the cape he thought his poop didn’t stink and he could do what ever he wanted to.

Tuesday’s Tails~Miss Holly-Lover


Castaway Pet Rescue, Crystal Lake, IL

Human Shaming~Shame On JoAnn



Update on Ghetto car. Tuesday night I was driving home from work which is a 85 mile drive. I went to use the breaks and there were no breaks. They made a horrendous noise and I could push them to the floor board without them doing anything. Luckly I have a stick shift so I can down shift to break and slow down. I made it home just fine. When got home looked at the break fluid which was none. Filled it up and was good to go the next day. DAA adverted for the time being.

This ‘N That Thursday



We packed the truck and trailer and were off to Saskatchewan for a week of hunting. Norman, Nellie and MK wanted to stow away with us.


Does the dog watch while the tube with the rat is hidden?

The dog shouldn’t see where the rat is hidden. They should sniff it how without knowing where it is at.

Hope everyone has a great week, the next blog posts will be pre-empted, they are stories from prior Saskatchewan hunts. I will be following up with your blogs when I get home. Be safe all and see you when I get back.


6 thoughts on “Follow-Up Friday

  1. I’m so glad you’re still alive. No chance you’ll trade in the ghetto car, huh? I just traded in my ancient minivan. It was paid for, but the monthly gas and maintenance were more than the payments I’ll be making on my nearly new Prius.


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