Monday Mischief~Eat Big ~Big Poopies


Mom feeds me fat food as I am skinny and need to gain weight. It takes me awhile to eat my food. I’m not a food hound so it may take me a bit to finish all my food. I like to leave it and when the other dogs come to sniff the bowl I race out of no where’s and growl at them, grab one kibble then leave the bowl again so I can do it all over again. It’s a game I like to play. Mom hates it! Today I felt really hungry so I tipped over the food bin that is the house to Norman and Nellie’s diet food. I got a taste of it and I loved it. I stuck my head in there and munched away. You can see the mischief I got into as the canned dog food was on top of the container and that went sailing. You can see that MK couldn’t be left out of the picture as she is the #1 photo bomber.

2013-09-03 11.04.27

All that food makes for big poopies. I like to poop on bushes. I hike my ass up real high and let’er rip. The higher the better. Do any of you other pooches out there get into mischief and hike your ass up high?

monday mischief

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21 thoughts on “Monday Mischief~Eat Big ~Big Poopies

  1. G$ –

    Lewis here hijacking Amy’s phone. I like to eat toilet paper. Gobs of it! They have to keep all the bathroom doors shut because of me.

    I also like to eat Amy’s work papers when she leaves me in the car to run an errand. So now I am crated in the car. 😦

    We love reading about your Monday Mischief!

    Hang loose dude,

    Big Lew


  2. That’s so funny – Both Jack & Tino do the same thing. The back-up into the bush and then let ‘er rip. And Tino was very fussy about the bush he would choose, he couldn’t be just any bush. It made it quite hard when we visited my parents who live in Palm Desert…there weren’t a lot of bushed to choose from!


  3. OMD!!! LOLOLOL!!! Best mischief so far today! The wiens are too small to poop on bushes, no matter how high they could hike up their asses! lol Austin’s an odd pooper, though. He poops on the patio instead of the grass at least half the time, and he’s a walking pooper… he walks around in the hunched position the entire time he’s pooping, dropping a turd here and a turd there.
    I love your food mischief too. “Ehh… I don’t really want this… WAIT! GET AWAY FROM IT! IT’S MINE!” And hey, who could blame you for knocking over the food bin if there’s tastier food in there. If you’re trying to put weight on, eat what you like! 😉


  4. It hadn’t occur to us that dog can poop on bushes… wow… Donna keeps it low on the grass… and may she do that forever more 😛 I’m glad you’ve stole/found some food you like for once! 😛


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