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We are joining Jodi at Heart Like A Dog for Follow-Up Friday.
I am co-hosting today’s FUF with Jodi from Heart Like A Dog.  I love to co-host with Jodi as she is a great lady full of laughs and has a great Friday Blog Hop to let people finish up their week and head into the weekend. I am winging it as I write this as my computer finally blew up (I think) as I can’t start it and my blog for Friday I did already is on there. 😦 After I redid this blog post on the work computer I saved it to work on later tonight. I started my computer and it finally started to work so we will see if I can finish this.
Welcome to this week’s edition of Follow-Up Friday, the blog hop that lets you wrap up your week and leads you right into the weekend.

Black And White Sunday- Big Lips

DSC_0610 - Copy


CHAMP says:

Hmmm… You don’t look fat but those are not puppy lips! What happened when you were growin’ in your mama’s belly?

My momma had botox injections and I think it got passed down to me!

Monday Mischief~First Whelp




This post was too funny! Thanks for the laugh. :-)

Hysterically funny! The dogs all came running to see what made me laugh so much :-)

just dropping by from the blog hop…bol! very funny… xoxox Vanilla Bean

If I can make one person smile and laugh then my effort was worth it and the world is a better place because of me. 🙂

The pics were funny but I kind of feel bad for Glory. What makes them do this?

Jodi, it’s the hormones. Glory went into her heat cycle back in June. A normal whelp would be 59-60 days from when she would have been bred if I would of bred her in June. So her body is telling her it is time to whelp even know she isn’t pregnant. It’s what we call a false pregnancy. Her body thinks she is pregnant but she isn’t but her body doesn’t know that so she goes through the motions. Her momma Nellie would have false pregnancy’s also. They pick a favorite toy or many favorite toys and adopt them as their own. God help anyone who comes near their “babies”. The false pregnancy can last a few weeks up to a month or so. Every dog is different. Some even produce milk when they are having a false pregnancy. 

Tuesday’s Tails



Midwest Area Pit Stop Inc., Madison, WI

Wordless Wednesday~Nervous


Uh oh, what happened?

This picture was taken on Saturday while I was waiting for Gambler to start is senior test. I was nervous since I signed Gambler up for a double senior test this weekend and I was hoping he would pass each day so he could get his senior hunter title. I did sign him up for one more test this coming weekend if he failed but I really wanted him to title so I didn’t have to worry about it.

Bu you shouldn’t have been nervous – they both did great!

You do look nervous, but they both did well!!!

Love the picture. Great caption. But the doggies did good so the nerves paid off.

I was just as nervous on Sunday and yes they both did great on Sunday!


So you have to hide while Gambler does his thing? Would he not work if you were right there?

Yes I have to hide when John is running Gambler. You can read about Gambler being a momma’s boy HERE, this is when we found out if John runs Gambler I have to hide. He isn’t any better the more John runs him. He still continues to look for me and since he can’t see me he sniffs the air and points his face in my direction. He hasn’t run off on John like he did before but he sure has a hard time getting him to heal up my him on the return.

Thank you Jodi for letting me co-host again. I had fun up until my computer crashed and I was scrambling to redo all that I had done with it already. So peeps you might not see a post from me or they will be short as I will be doing them on my phone. Hope everyone has a great weekend, I will be at another hunt test with Gambler and Glory trying to get their last passes for their titles. I will let you know how they do. So stop on by and say hi to our lovely host Jodi at Heart Like A Dog.

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8 thoughts on “Follow-up Friday/Co-Hosted

  1. Great FUF! I should have mentioned this in the comments to your original post – my Lucy had false pregnancies. Her main baby was a little orange football, but she often decided many toys were puppies, too. She’s spend her day ferrying around all these dog toys… and one time set a record for carrying 3 at one time (in her mouth.) Crazy. When it was all over she was exhausted and would sleep for days. The other dogs mainly steered clear of her and gave her looks like they knew she was certifiable!


  2. HI Y’all!
    Can really sympathize with you on the computer issues! Congrats on the “nervous payoff”.
    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


  3. You two are funny! Love funny! Those false pregnancy things can be irritating! We had a husky friend that had that and she was nuts with her nesting and toy behavior! Happy Friday!


  4. You’re very sweet JoAnn, thanks so much for co-hosting, I’m sorry you had such a hard time with your computer. I remember when mine died how horrible it felt. I still have pictures on it that I can’t get off because it won’t start. 😦 All my pictures.

    Thank you for answering my question about the whelping, I had no idea why false pregnancies occurred but it makes sense now. I still feel kind of bad for her though. 😦

    So good luck this weekend and I hope you figure out what to do with your computer. I decided to replace mine as it was five years old and I’d already just dropped $200 into it in the last year. Made sense just to buy a new one.


  5. Best of luck this weekend!

    We always take toys and beds away from Storm she carries on so. After she came home from having the puppies, she made the cat into a puppy. She still licks and nibbles on her even though it has been 4 months since she had her pups. MK better steer clear unless you want to smell like dog slobber….lol.


  6. I’m glad they did so well. I thought the info on Gambler was cute (not for testing). Mica and Lexie when we use to show them were the opposite. When they were in the ring I had to be standing in plain sight. If they could see me there focus was gone and they were looking all oven the area and did very badly!


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