This ‘N That Thursday


Today we are joining 2 Brown Dawgs for their This ‘N That Thursday’s blog hop!

This is what she has to say about the hop,

A little of this and a little of that and everything in between…

“This ‘N That Thursday is for anything you want!  Maybe you want to post about unrelated topics, or each topic isn’t quite long enough to make up a whole post, or you have awards to share, or you have one long post…anything goes!  So grab the button and join the hop!”

So… computer has been acting up for a long time now and I knew one day it would crash and burn. Yesterday I got a warning message on my screen stating that I better backup my system ASAP as my hard disk is crashing. So….if I don’t get a blog up for a few days that is why. I am going to take my puter to the shop today and see what they can do. I am scrambling to get some blogs pre done so I can post while it is in the shop.

A little of that:

I came home from being gone for 4 days and I found my house covered in pee. I thought at first it was Marsh Kitty as she has had bouts with bloody urine since I got her and Gambler crushed her. She has been peeing on the dog’s bed here and there but it was getting better. This was a whole lot of urine I was coming across too much I thought for little MK so then my next thought was it was Nellie having spay incontinence as she is spayed now and older so couldn’t rule that out. Monday AM I was getting ready for work and MK pee’d on the dog bed in front of me so she was the first culprit to go to work with me. At work we did a urinalysis and she has good kidney concentration, the microscopic exam showed she had too numerous to count red blood cells, some renal casts and a couple of white cells. All the cells that could lead towards a bladder infection, except the renal casts. The cast’s are only there when something is going on with the kidneys. From day one my boss would do a abdominal palpation on her and she swore she could only find one kidney. We took a xray of her bladder to look for bladder stones as those can cause blood in the urine and we got the kidneys in the film. The xray showed that she does only have one kidney and it is big. So it is looking like she has a infection in her kidney and that is why she is making more urine (doesn’t explain why she needs to pee on things but that is cat’s for you). We did bloodwork to make sure the kidney was functioning and it is. She can live with one kidney but it needs to be a healthy kidney so we need to get this infection under control and gone.

Here is the xray


She is on probation now, when I’m not home she gets locked up in a big dog kennel to learn to use the litter box again. I will treat her for 3 weeks then I will spay her and then treat her for another week. Hopefully she can over come this and get out of jail if not she may have to go be a mouser in the shed.


So that wraps it up for today, why don’t you hop on over to 2 Brown Dawgs see what their up to and grab the badge and join the hopping fun!

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13 thoughts on “This ‘N That Thursday

  1. Thanks for joining TNT. So sorry about your computer and poor MK. Kitties are funny, most will pee outside their box as a way of letting you know something is wrong. Hopefully once she feels better she will use her box as she should.


  2. speaking as a human with chronic kidney issues, when you have kidney or bladder infections it makes you extremely incontinent. The poor baby probably can’t get to her box in time and that is why she is peeing everywhere. Hoping MK is back to good health soon!


    • Hi Cody and Mom, oh I do know how uncomfortable it is and help clients with their cat urinary issues at work. The other cat’s I had 3 years ago did the behavorial urinating thing. I do know this time with MK it is because she isn’t well. I just shake my head as I have one of her litter boxes in my living room next to my couch so she doesn’t have to go very far but she still made big pee’s on the couch in 3 spots on the sectional. I’m pretty much all talk and doubt she will go out to the shed. 😉


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  4. Wow…I hope that they get her infection under control. One kidney, huh? And I thought my guys got all the “weird” stuff.

    I’d wait till the computer blows up too. 250.00 is a lot to spend on a 2 year old computer. I hope you get a bit more life out of it though!


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