This ‘N That Thursday~Guess What?


Today we are joining 2 Brown Dawgs for their This ‘N That Thursday’s blog hop!

This is what she has to say about the hop,

A little of this and a little of that and everything in between…

“This ‘N That Thursday is for anything you want!  Maybe you want to post about unrelated topics, or each topic isn’t quite long enough to make up a whole post, or you have awards to share, or you have one long post…anything goes!  So grab the button and join the hop!”

Guess what came in the mail this week? I bet your dying to know what it is! Well for those of you not on my Face Book page here is a video of what came in the mail.

We won the Jones Natural Chews give away and got 2 crown knuckle bones in the mail. Gambler thought the package was for him since he thinks everything is his and possession is 9/10 of law, right? Thanks to Flea for having the give away for Jones Natural Chews. It is Jones Natural Chews  first year blogaversary month so they gave away treats once a week for the whole month and we were lucky enough to win!


Gman-Something came in the mail for me today! I wonder what it could be?


I got this no problem, I don’t need no stinkin help!


Boy oh boy I wonder what it is, it smells nummy!


Oh my lord it is a crown knuckle bone from my friends over at Jones Natural Chews!


Gman-This is MY bone, you don’t get it!

Glory-You idiot look behind your arm there is a bone for me too!


Glory-I don’t see why the idiot gets any crown knuckle bones when all he does is make a big mess opening the package up.


I will take my nummy bone and eat it over yonder.


Norman-What you got sister? I think I will eat up the num num crumbs that fell off.


Gambler says num num num thanks Jones Natural Chews!


A little of that:

MK had her second FVRCP (Feline Distemper) vaccination this week.

2013-07-29 07.57.52

First she weighted in.

2013-07-29 07.57.33

A whopping 3.6#. She looks so much bigger that that.

2013-07-29 08.01.35

Time to play with Phoebe and see what Miss Luann is doing.

2013-07-29 08.03.58

Oh no, vaccination time.

2013-07-30 13.33.48

Saved the best for last the dreaded nail trim. She thought it would be nice to bite my finger since she was getting her nails cut.

One last tid bit, if you didn’t see my Tuesday Blog Post on Rain Forest Coastal Labs Shampoo click HERE and leave me a comment to be entered into the shampoo give away.

So that wraps it up for today, why don’t you hop on over to 2 Brown Dawgs see what their up to and grab the badge and join the hopping fun!

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25 thoughts on “This ‘N That Thursday~Guess What?

  1. OMD do you have any idea how you MADE US LAUGH!!??? OMD this should be on a commercial! Gambler cracked me up running with that box and that tail was going a mile a minute! I was also happy to see that i don’t have the ONLY dog who will NOT SIT when excited!! BOL!!! The growl after Gambler opened that box was just too darned funny!!!!! This was CLASSIC, I LOVE that it was “real” and unedited!
    Cody said to tell MK he can commiserate! He was at the vet a couple of days ago for his annual rabies vaccine and he also had a nail trim! Oh and thanks so much for following his blog too, that is beyond kind of you!
    You are just a gem, thanks for making me smile this morning!


  2. That video is hysterical! Thanks so much for posting that and the photos! I’m glad your crew likes the knuckles! I mean, how could they not? OM NOM NOM Thank you!


  3. You know you could hire Gman out to open packages for people. He could earn extra money to pay his hunt test entries…lol. Lucky G & G to get such great treats. I bet MK is going to be small like my kitty. Full grown she never weighed more than 8 pounds.

    Thanks so much for joining the TNT hop! I appreciate it.


  4. Those look yummy! I’m thinking that would be Phe opening the packages, Teddy and Ash would be waiting for her to get it opened, and Scout would be like Norman…he would wander over after Phe did all the work!


  5. That video was great! Gambler running around with that box, growling and showing off, and then making short work of opening it. He must be fun on Christmas!
    MK is adorable, and all the dogs are beautiful!


  6. That video is so cute! Rita goes nuts too when any packages come. She thinks everything is for her (half the time, it is!). Congrats on the win! MK is SO adorable! I wish I wasn’t allergic to cats. I would love to have a little tuxedo kitty!


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