Channel Blinds ~Gambler

I am so fortunate to have a friend that used to have a fish farm and has many channel ponds lined up next to each other. The grass around the ponds is nicely groomed, the land is even and well taken care of. The ponds have a small amount of cattail cover and some weeds but nothing that will cause you not to train. He also has one bigger pond that we use also.

Since the past week has been hot temps in the 90’s we have been going to our friends house and using his water to train so the dogs can still get their training in and not get heat exhaustion (or at least I hope they don’t).

Here is Gambler running a land, channel, land, channel, land blind. He started out on land entered one channel exited the water ran on land jumped into the next channel and exited it and got his blind on land. He came back the same way. Dogs have problems going in and out of water to get what you want them do so it is a nice idea to practice this.

DSC_0653 - Copy 

DSC_0654 - Copy

DSC_0656 - Copy


I got it, I got it.


Coming out of second channel pond.


Back into the first pond.


Big Splash.


This was a angle entry channel blind. The bumper is on the left shoreline about 1/4 way down from the end of the channel.


Just about there.


I got it, I got it!


I did pretty much the same blind on this one except I put the bumper on land to the left. Gambler should have been more to the left on his angle blind but he was still doing good.


Exited water and sit on land. See the bumper off to the left of Gambler. Left hand back to get the bumper.


I got it, I got it!


One more training exercise. Going across the channel and up on land to get the blind.



A mark just for fun!

8 thoughts on “Channel Blinds ~Gambler

  1. That’s a great exercise…Loved the photos showing clearly how the exercise was set up and run…And it’s nice of you to throw that last “just for fun” bumper…I remember that as the one the dogs really enjoy and it makes a nice reward


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