Monday Mischief ~Whoopsie Daisy


Gambler says “whatcha doing?”


Nellie says “not in the lake sister!”

Which doggie do you think was the Mischief Maker in the lake?


Miss Glory couldn’t walk that whole what 4 feet to the shore there to poop up there and not in the lake. Nope she had a whoopsie daisy in the water.


Clear the lake, clear the lake this is NOT a Baby Ruth! This is the real McCoy!

For once it wasn’t Gman getting into Mischief, this time it was Glory and when she does it she does it big time.

So the lake mischief wasn’t done for the week. I took the dogs again to a different lake to get some lilly pad photos and guess what happened there? Not hard to guess, we had all kinds of whoopsie daisy’s. Monkey see Monkey do!


Don’t pee in my lake Gman, I don’t pee in your pool!


All this swimming makes me have to go!


Momma Nellie had to try it since it looked like so much fun!

Stay clear of Pardeeville lake for a bit!

monday mischief

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18 thoughts on “Monday Mischief ~Whoopsie Daisy

  1. OMD, Rita does the same thing sometimes at the bay! So embarrassing! But it’s because she’s shy about pooping in public! When we go to the bay, she usually hides in a bush to go, but if there’s no bush around, she sometimes goes in the bay! Not too easy to pick it up in those situations! Eeesh.


  2. When ya gotta go, ya gotta go. My gran had a black lab who always heard the call of nature when she visited the beach. She’d just walk straight into the water . . . and all the humans who knew her would just walk straight out of the water. 😉


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