Monday Mischief ~Gman & The Rug

When I come home and let the dogs out of the kennel each one of them usually has to grab something and carry around. It varies as to what they grab, usually whatever is laying around. Gman’s favorite thing to grab is the rugs laying in front of his kennel. He grabs them and runs outside with them. He then proceeds to run around the yard with one. Of course he leaves them lay so I need to go out and pick them up. Sometimes I will get a Roo Roo with the rug carrying. This trick is thanks to Norman as he is our first dog to do this and he passed his trait on to his kids and grand daughter. Norman will live on!


Just helping mom shake out the rug!


I’m the dude!


Hang around me long enough Miss Nellie and I will show you how to get into all kinds of Mischief.

monday mischief

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23 thoughts on “Monday Mischief ~Gman & The Rug

  1. LOL G-man.

    Freighter does the exact same thing. He does it when he gets out of his crate and when he comes in from outside. It makes me kind of nuts because they are my good rugs….lol. Thunder used to grab a shoe if I took them off when coming in. Freighter obviously has been talking to your pups! 🙂


  2. That’s so funny with the rug in his mouth. Our Sally was like that – always had to have something in her mouth – especially during the “homecoming parade”. Usually it was just one of her toys, but sometimes she had to make do with whatever was closest to the door.


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