Follow-Up Friday

We are joining Jodi at Heart Like A Dog for Follow-Up Friday.

Welcome to this week’s edition of Follow-Up Friday, the blog hop that lets you wrap up your week and leads you right into the weekend.


Today’s Co-Hostess is Donna from Donna and the Dogs. Hop on over and see what Donna is doing with her dogs.

Black And White Sunday~Fireworks






Above are the originals along side of the black and whites. Which ones do you like better?


Who knew fireworks would look to pretty in black and white? Really love that last one–it looks like a star!

PAM says:

I’m with the others… never thought about fireworks in B & W, but they look amazing! It’s like watching the creation of stars…

I didn’t know how the firework photos would look in black and white and once I changed them I really liked them. The last one is my favorite also, it does look like a star, that is why I like it. One day it is going to be Norman’s star.


How Cool that you are able to capture the fireworks. You just gave my mom some ideas. Golden Thanks. Happy Sunday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Sugar, I can’t wait to see what your mom has in store for us from my pictures of BAW fireworks.

MEL says:

Holy cow! I’ve never been able to capture them on film like this. Really terrific shots! I missed them this year. I was comforting Daisy. Thanks for letting me enjoy them anyways!

Mel, I was reading one of my blogs Russel Ray Photo’s and he gave up his secret to taking great firework photos, mine aren’t great but I did what he said and I was impressed with what I got.

Monday Mischief~Tree Shaker

2013-07-02 20.31.23


Is that a Christmas cactus? The spines on those things are evil!

Yes Flea it is a Christmas Cactus and the spines are poky. She best not wreck the limbs as I would like it to bloom again this Christmas.


LOL sounds like MK is all moved in!

Yes Linda she is all moved in! John keeps telling me each time she is in one of my plants that “she is using your plant as a litter box”.

GIZMO says:

MK is a cutie…Shaking is fine as long as she’s not nibbling.

I was happy to find out when I did a google search to see if the plant was toxic to cats and this is what the ASAPC had to say, read HERE.

Tuesday’s Tails

Help Cricket find a home.


Wordless Wednesday ~Are you my mommy?


Nope Glory isn’t your mommy but she licks your butt like she is your mommy.

Video of mommy Glory playing with MK and Gman coming in the end because he can’t stand to be left out.

This ‘N That Thursday

Thanks again to Shaun at Praying For One Day for all SEVEN of my awards!

You can view all my awards on my AWARDS page.

Follow-Up Friday

I have 2 big news pieces today.

First one is that Gambler now has his United Senior Jumper title!


This is a UKC (United Kennel Club) dock jumping title. Gambler got this title from his dock jumping jumps at the 2013 UKC Premier we attended the middle of June in Kalamzoo, MI. We were surprised to find out this information as I didn’t think he had enough jumps to title but he did! Whoo Hoo his new name is:

USJ CH SHR Sand Spring Evry Paws A Winner JH

The second big news for Sand Spring is that Gambler is the #1 Chessie in the UKC Top Ten breed standings. He has 13 points so that puts him in first!

Click HERE to see the standings.

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That concludes today’s edition of FUF. Have a great weekend.

22 thoughts on “Follow-Up Friday

  1. The last fireworks picture is our favorite too. You gave me chills when you said it would be Norman’s star someday. How is Norman? Hope he is doing okay. Congratulations to Gambler! Go Gambler Go! Have a great weekend!


  2. Hi Y’all!
    Congratulations Gambler! That looks like great fun!
    Love the fireworks.
    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


  3. Thanks for joining us in the hop JoAnn, you had a great week. I loved the video of Glory and MK and was so impressed with how gentle Glory is with the kitty.

    I like the fireworks photos better in black and white too! Who would have thought that?

    Congratulations on Gambler’s two titles, that is quite an accomplishment for both you and him. Great job!


  4. WOOT! That is fantastic news about Gambler! Congrats! I love that video…both dogs are so gentle and patient with MK…I see llife-long friends there


  5. Congrats on the jump diving title…that looks like it would be so much fun for a dog that loves to swim and retrieve. And hey, what better breed for that than a Chessie? (Maybe a Lab, but mine isn’t crazy about swimming and isn’t the best jumper anyway.)

    P.S. I love the firework photos, but my two phobic dogs said you can keep your fireworks until next year. 😉


  6. That video is too cute. I think MK is wearing your hubby down!

    Congrats on all of your awards and on Gambler earning his senior jumper title and being #1 UKC Chessie. He is a superstar for sure! Hope you had a nice weekend.


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