Follow-Up Friday

We are joining Jodi at Heart Like A Dog for Follow-Up Friday.

Welcome to this week’s edition of Follow-Up Friday, the blog hop that lets you wrap up your week and leads you right into the weekend.


Co-Hosting for Follow-Up Friday is Jackie Bouchard from Pooch Smooches, hop on over and see what Jackie is up to.

Black And White Sunday

Sunday you met Marsh Kitty, a 4-5 week old 1.1# kitten that my dogs found in the marsh on our way to go to the creek to have some fun. One of the dogs ended up breaking her right rear leg in the tussle of coming upon her and her littermate in the marsh (the other one didn’t make it Sad smile). I have no idea why they were out there. I never saw mom. My neighbor has a bunch of outside cats that always have kittens but she lives way on the other side of us and these kittens were a long ways from her place if that is where they came from. Since she is so little and young the orthopedic surgeon said we should just let her heal on her own. Cats are great with healing their bones back to health without help when young so I have a new kitty.  I didn’t know how the dogs would react to her in the house since they obviously didn’t like her in the marsh, Norman and Nellie were raised with cats and knew they were not allowed to touch them in the house but once outside I couldn’t control them. Gambler and Glory was going to be a surprise.

This is the surprise I got from Glory.


Glory LOVED Marsh. She licked her to death and had to come lay by her. Marsh wasn’t afraid of her either. I later learned that Glory was so mother like because she came into heat this week!


Norman hanging with Marsh at the clinic this past Monday. I had to take Norman in for some testing and took Marsh with since she needed pain medication 3 times a day. He is such a gentle old man to the kitty.

Gambler is kinda afraid of her, she chases him and he gets scared and runs. Nellie mothers it, if one of the other dogs comes close to her Nellie will run over and pick the other dog off so they can’t get near her. I think Marsh will fit in just fine.

Tuesday’s Tails

Hopefully Cheyenne will find her forever home soon.


Cheyenne’s Contact Info

Eastshore Humane Association, Chilton, WI

Wordless Wednesday


“What’s in here?”


Oh man, that freaks me out when they stick their noses in places and I’m not sure what’s in there. :-)


Oh I wonder what it could be? Hopefully nothing to bite your nose…lol.

DONNA says:

I was thinking the same thing…watch out for things with teeth! :-)


Would warn you about what curiosity did to the cat but, of course, you’re a dog, so maybe you’ll be OK

Gambler deserves to get his nose bit for all the naughty things he does! He is such a character and curiosity as all get out!


Did you find a treat hiding in there?

TYLERSAT99 says:

I hope you find something really good!

No treats in there, but that is a great idea, I should of put one in there then he would of found something really good instead of finding nothing!

This ‘N That Thursday

I posted up Glory’s training pictures from a couple weeks ago so today I will post up Gamblers. I was running Gambler this day.


Wait up mom, I want to train too!


Let me tighten this up mister so you behave!


Watching the marks.


I just love mirrored images in the water.





Treading water on a water blind, waiting for hand signal.



I have a question about the ducks. I know you use the grown-up ducks for training. Do you end up eating a lot of the ducks that you’ve used? If so, my humans are coming to dinner. They love duck. :-)


Hi Y’all,

Don’t show my Human those little duckies! She just couldn’t raise those little duckies and not keep them for pets. When Papa was hunting he says she’d roast a great wild duck or goose after it was cleaned, but didn’t want to eat it if she’s seen it in all its glory. I think she’s secretly glad Papa doesn’t hunt any longer.

Miss Harper Lee & Hawk, we have been raising ducks for a number of years and I have to tell you we have never cooked one. Some winters we will keep them over to collect their eggs in the spring to raise more, they are the biggest they have ever been from being fed corn all summer and winter. I always think we should eat one as they would taste yummy but we never do. We put them in the freezer and reuse them on training days.


Gambler is running a hunt test this weekend. Glory isn’t running as she is in heat. After the weekend and two days of work then we are off to the UKC Premier! Glory had to be pulled from Lure Coursing and Dock Jumping as she is in heat and they are not allowed to run when in heat. She can still do conformation so she better kick some ass! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Be safe!

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11 thoughts on “Follow-Up Friday

  1. Great FUF and fabulous training pictures. Marsh is just so cute. I would not be able to resist. 🙂 Good luck at the hunt test and best of luck at the Premiere. You sure have some busy days planned. Too bad about Glory’s timing. That will probably happen to us with Storm when hunt tests get into full swing around here later this summer.


  2. I love your photos. 🙂 And the duckies!!! *SQUEEEEE* I couldn’t raise them for food or hunting at all, which is why a couple is good enough. And I’m so happy you’re keeping Marsh and that he fits right in!


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