Follow Up Friday

We are joining Jodi at Heart Like A Dog for Follow-Up Friday.

Welcome to this week’s edition of Follow-Up Friday, the blog hop that lets you wrap up your week and leads you right into the weekend.


Today’s co- hostess is Misty Shores Chesapeakes, hop on over and pay them a visit.

Black And White Sunday

I took a series of pictures of Gambler and the Robin’s nest. Sorry to report the Robin must of gotten sick of Gambler staring at her and her babies the nest is now empty. Do birds relocate their young like cats and dogs do if bothered? I don’t see the babies on the ground so I hope she just moved them.


Memorial Day

I had a lot of fun shopping for the Memorial Day props for the dogs. I am so lucky the dogs don’t mind me dressing them up. I have been playing around with different editing tools on my photo shop program and a friend of mine helped me figure out how to put some color in a  black and white photo. Get ready to see more of this as I think it is totally cool. Sugar’s mom over at GoldenWoofs takes pictures with a setting on her camera to have this effect and I was totally hooked after that.



Tuesday’s Tails

Hopefully Duke will find his forever home.


Wordless Wednesday

Thank you for the great comments about the picture of Norman and I. He is my first male chessy that I have had since 12/23/2000. He has been the best dog ever! He means the world to me and I love him dearly. I found out Tuesday that he will need a bone biopsy done on his front leg. He has been limping for a couple of weeks and not getting better. The xray that we took showed a suspicious lesion on his bone. The bone biopsy will be done next Monday and hopefully I will get the results before the weekend. That is what brought about the picture of Norman and I on Wordless Wednesday. So praying for good results. Here’s another picture from that day.


This ‘N That Thursday


Couple more training pictures.



Last Saturday I did a post on Gamblers Heartworm Blood Test.


Hi Y’all!

Candy, my Human’s girl Chessie was heart worm positive when they adopted her. Not only is treating for heart worms hard on the dog, it is also expensive and requires the dog be hospitalized.

Hawk is so right. Treating heartworm disease is very hard on the dog as they have to be injected with a very strong medication that can have serious side effects. It is injected in the muscle once a day for two days then again in a month. The dog needs to have a complete heartworm staging done before the treatment which includes, blood work, xrays of the chest and sometimes a echo of the heart to make sure the heart is ok and can handle the medication. The dog must be kept completely quite for a extended period of time after the treatment. If the dog has to much activity the dead worms can dislodge from the heart and cause all kinds of problems. It’s not a fun disease so once again easier to prevent with monthly heartworm medication than to treat.


Great advice and glad his heartworm was negative. I asked about Delilah’s on her last visit and was told I didn’t need it checked. Is it normal to check it in the fall?

Jodi, every clinic has their standard of when they test the dogs. If a new client comes to our clinic and their dog has had a heartworm blood test in the past then we do it the same time it was done before. If a new puppy comes in we set the heartworm due date to be on it’s birthday. It takes 6 months for the heartworms to develop so if under 6 months of age we just start the puppies on heartworm medication and check them on their birthday. Some clinics will set heartworm due dates for March-April which is usually the start of heartworm season. Some clinics say the pets can be taken off of medication in the winter months when the mosquitos are in hibernation, so if taken off they need to be retested the next spring before starting medication again. We recommend year round heartworm treatment, we have had some warm days in the winter months and have seen mosquitos, plus they get the added deworming each month for intestinal parasites. We still require a yearly heartworm test before dispensing anymore medication since that is what the American Heartworm Society recommends. You never know when a pet spits out a pill or vomits up a pill or the pill doesn’t work so good idea to test each year. Some clinics have went to every other year testing but we still don’t recommend that. Better to be safe then sorry and know for sure your pet is negative.

Thank concludes FUF, hope on over to Heart Like A Dog and Misty Shores Chesapeakes and see what they are up too as well as the other hoppers for today.

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6 thoughts on “Follow Up Friday

  1. Oh man thinking good thoughts for Norman.

    We only give heartworm April through December. True that we may see a stray mosquito in the colder months, but they must be alive and active for something like 30 days to be able to spread the disease. Even if we get a warm up, it never lasts that long. Even if we gave the med year round, I would still test each Spring. People think preventative means full proof, which it doesn’t.


  2. Hi JoAnn, thanks for joining the blog hop, you had a great recap. I’m sorry to hear about Norman and his leg, I am sending positive thoughts your way. 🙂 Thank you for answering my question regarding heart worm. I will call my vet and ask about the test and see when they recommend it.

    Have a great weekend!!


  3. I love those touches of color too, but they seem to be done in photoshop which i’m helpless/hopeless with…Sending good thoughts for Norman’s biopsy


  4. I am praying for Norman and you, I hope all checks out well for him. It is so scary when things show up on these guys and you have to wait for results.

    My vet recommends checking every two years if you do year round preventative.

    Okay do share about the color on b&w photos, I love that effect.


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