Pink Whistle Society-PWS

The Pink Whistle Society

~The Pink Whistle Society was created in 2009 at an HRC Ladies Handler seminar in Wisconsin. These are informative and hands on  training weekends sponsored by HRC clubs across the nation and Canada to help women learn and build confidence with running in hunt tests with their dogs. It doesn’t matter what group of handlers you aspire to….we are all ladies, friends, relatives and husbands of ladies, that love their dogs, and fight breast cancer.  Our goal is to donate proceeds from the donations of the “Pink Gear” to the Hunting Retriever Club’s Foundation and the Cancer Society!  Together –  Best Friends for the Cure!!! ~

Here is a nice newspaper article about Deb West and The Pink Whistle Society.

The beginning of May Deb West, the founder of the PWS posted up on the PWS Facebook page that this years 4th Annual PWS poster was going to be of a chessie pup. She asked for members of the open group to post up their chessie puppy pictures. Of course I posted up several of Nellie’s puppies pictures from various litters along with one of Gambler and Marie. A few days later Deb contacted me and told me that they had decided to use “Glory’s” picture that I submitted as the basis of the 4th Annual PWS Poster. Words cannot describe how overjoyed I was to hear this news! What a honor that my picture let alone the puppy from Nellie’s last litter that I kept was the chosen girl for the poster!

Here is the original picture that I submitted. This was taken on my lawn when Glory was around 3 months old. She loved retrieving her pink bumper and laid down to take a break and she wasn’t letting anyone have “her” bumper.


The start of “Glory” for the  4th Annual PWS Poster.

Artwork done by Debbie Miller Stonebraker of Stonebraker Art.


Coming along nicely.


The finished drawing.


Debbie Miller Stonebraker does such a fabulous job! She is the artist that has done the posters for the previous 3 years for the PWS. I have another painting of hers called “Thinking Pink” and she also painted a beautiful picture of Gambler and Marie for me. This drawing of Glory was done just after she broke a finger on her drawing hand! Thank you Debbie for doing such a beautiful job with my Glory girl!

The Pink Whistle Society Limited Edition Poster #4, 2013 by Debbie Miller Stonebraker


This poster is now for sale!

I already ordered mine up how about you all order yours up and donate to a great couple of causes. Thank you!

Per Debbie:

“The prints are coming out gorgeous! Because I used the words “for the cure” in the design, I need to donate to Susan G. Komen for Breast Cancer research. So…let’s do them for $60 + $7 shipping to US lower 48. $20 will go to S.G.K., $20 to Pink Whistle Society, and I will keep $20 for the supplies and effort.”

You can order now by using Paypal to: or you can send a check to

Debbie Stonebraker, 77 Burr Oak Rd, Foley, Mo. 63347

If you would like to buy some Power Of Pink Gear you can do so by going to the Pink Whistle Society and placing a order. They have some great lanyards for hunt tests. I have one and LOVE IT! There are a bunch of guys that have the pink and white lanyard also. They are proud to wear pink and help out the cause.

Here is Norman sporting my pink lanyard. He is pink strong!


20 thoughts on “Pink Whistle Society-PWS

  1. Very nice. Love the poster. Great cause. So will they let you use that lanyard at an HRC test? lol

    On a side note. It sounds like HRC clubs in Wisconsin are much more welcoming to women handlers. That is great. Around here they are not. Nationally they are not. It is a shame.


    • Yes, they let us wear the lanyard at the HRC test, there are a number of guys that wear the pink one also. I did wear a pink and white camo cap when I ran Gambler last year. I believe it was for his SHR title. They didn’t say anything. We do have a number of women run in WI. Sometimes I think there are more women than men. LOL I would of thought it was the same all over.


      • Your clubs sound like more fun than ours. The clubs around here have few women who run their dogs. I call them the “He Man Woman Haters Club”…lol. There is a fun HRC Club on the other side of Michigan with many women members. I always enjoy their tests. Great group!


  2. Congratulations on Glory’s picture being picked. That is such a beautiful picture of Glory, she has an adorable expression. The pencil drawing is excellent also 🙂


  3. Wow…congrats on having Glory’s photo chosen! It is a striking photo, especially her eyes, no wonder why they picked it.The artwork is just plain spot on, and gorgeous, and I love that the proceeds are benefiting TWO causes. 🙂


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