Mr. Peacock

Our neighbor has Chickens, our guiena hens and Peacocks. She is referred to as “The Chicken Lady” her name is Lola and she names each and every of her 30 plus birds. The birds are free roamers. The peacocks have come up to visit us a couple of times but mostly stay on her property. Each spring Mr. Peacock struts his stuff to call the peahens in for their mating. Lola has a barn that houses the birds so she leaves the doors to the barn open during the day and locks them up at night. During the mating season Mr. Peacock will fan his tail and strut his stuff in the barn in front of the opening of the doors. Last summer when my friend Kathy came up from North Carolina we drove past the barn and he was strutting his stuff, she didn’t have her camera and she was upset. I told her before she leaves he will do it again and she can get a picture. Well needless to say he never did it again and she never got her photos. So my goal this spring was to catch him in the act and get some photos.

Here are the photos:








The above picture was embossed. Pretty cool huh?

Have a great weekend.

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