Monday Mischief ~Glory Show Weekend

Our mischief started Friday May 3rd and lasted until Sunday May 5th. Glory and I attended a 3 day dog show in Jefferson, WI. Put on by Badger & Janesville-Beloit Kennel Club.

All three days Glory was entered in Amateur Handler-Owner. Friday we shown under Judge Ms. Pluis Davern. Glory had one other bitch in her class. Glory won her class. She didn’t move on from there.

Saturday we shown under Judge Mr. Sidney L. Marx. Glory had 3 other dogs in her class.  Glory won her class. She then moved up and won Reserve Winners Bitch with 4 dogs in the class. There were enough bitches in this dog show so the winner got major points. Even know we didn’t get first we were very happy with our RW since that meant we were second and beat other females.

I do have to say that both these judges were so patient with a newbie like me. I was so nervous I was talking to Glory to much and they told me to “stop talking to her” that I was making her nervous. Pluis said that I didn’t need to keep telling Glory to stand for her exam after I told her the first time and Glory was standing great. She said “she is standing great leave her be”. Sidney told me to “calm down” and to “take my time” and when Glory settled down he then told me to “place her front leg in position”. I was so grateful for these judges who were patient with me.

Sunday was the last day of the show and I think Glory had enough of being clean and running around the leg. We didn’t fair to well as she got third in her class. I’m ok with third. This was another new judge and it was another new day. I’ve learned you win some and you lose some, but you really don’t lose some. You gain knowledge and practice each time you are in the ring. It is all a learning experience and I can tell you that I am learning each time and Glory is too. We had such a fun weekend we will deffiantly be back for more. Got bit by the show ring bug. John was nice enough to come along on Saturday and Sunday to take pictures.


Stacking Glory.


Judge making the first pass through.


Once around.


Coming to a stop.


Second look over.


Glory won her class.


In the ring for the second time going against the winners of each class.


Stacking (or just standing around).


Winners Bitch and Glory with Reserve Winners Bitch.

Pictures from Sunday show.





First, second, third.

2013-05-05 19.48.21

Our ribbons from the weekend.

The real mischief!

The real mischief happened at home after the show. I went out to the chicken and duck pen to do chores. I put the hose in the pool turned it on, shut the door, left to do other stuff. Came back with all 4 dogs and realized I didn’t put the board up against the door to cover up a 6 inch opening under the door. The chickens and some ducks decided they should sneek out under the opening. The dogs thought this was a free for all since the birds weren’t in their pen where they are not allowed to touch them. Gambler and Glory started chasing them Nellie caught one Norman just stood and watched as he knew this was bad news! Put Norman and Nellie in shed went back to get Gambler and Glory and they are still chasing the birds, Gambler caught one, ran around the yard like he had the major prize. I ran around the yard screaming at him to bring me the bird. This went on until he caught all the birds and held them for me to get and I put them back. I didn’t have my phone so no videos or pictures of this circus act. Thanks Gambler for helping and not hurting the birds when you were running amuck with them but really I could of gotten them in the pen by myself! Such good mischief helpers.



monday mischief

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20 thoughts on “Monday Mischief ~Glory Show Weekend

  1. Glad the birds all made it though the chase…lol.

    Great show pictures. There is a lot to learn showing dogs but you are doing a wonderful job. I used to take video of my hubby when he was learning so he could see areas where he wanted to improve.


  2. What a great show for you and Glory, and cheers to Gambler for displaying his retriever skills and returning the birds safely to his mom. Picturing Norman just standing there because he knows it’s bad news is funny!


  3. Congratulations! What great experience for you both!! And oh my – I would have had a heart attack if one of my dogs grabbed a chicken. So glad no one was hurt!


  4. Congratulations on your successes. It is not easy being an owner-handler. And it’s also not easy having birds live with bird dogs… glad everyone survived the mischief, especially you!


  5. awww Gambler is such a good listener! If that was Kirby those ducks would be no more, that is if he could fit it in his mouth…..XD Congrats on the first place ribbons!!!!!! Yaay, for being a newbie you did quite well!


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