A Tribute To My Dad ~Part 5

3:30 am April 22, 1994

Phone rings: Me, “hello”

Mom, “dad was taken to Waupun Memorial Hospital can you get up here”

Me: “yes, I will be right there

I was a hour away from the hospital. By the time I got there dad had already passed away. I went in said my goodbye’s, kissed him on the cheek and said “till we meet again”.

Now the hard part leaving your love one at the hospital to never see again. We were always a strong family and stuck by each other during the most difficult times. This was no different. I thank God I had my mom, my brother and his wife there and I’m sure they all were glad I was there also. We left as a family that was bonded for life by death. 

MARKESAN- Mr. Maurice R. Bradley, age 47 of Markesan, died Friday, April 22, 1994 at the Waupun Memorial Hospital. He was born on November 24, 1946, in Portage, WI., the son of Raymond and LaVerne Froelich Bradley. He was a member of the St. John’s Lutheran Church of Markesan, the 1964 Pardeeville High School Class, the American Legion, he had been in the U.S. Army in Vietnam, he was former member of the Markesan Fire Dept. he had been employed at Ness Electric, and was head electriction for Friday Cannine Co. On July 20, 1968, he married Renee Sue in Markesan. He is survived by his wife, Renee of Markesan; one son, Jan (Lynn) Bradley of Salemville; one daughter, JoAnn Bradley of Milwaukee; his parents, Raymond and LaVerne Bradley of Dalton; his mother-in-law, Alberta of Markesan; three sisters, Judith (Donald) Jerome of Pardeeville, Diane (Randy) Laybourn of Dalton, Cindy (Allen) Zook of Dalton; one brother, Dennis (Lana) Bradley of Dalton. One sister, Linda, his father-in-law and his grandparents all preceded him in death. Funeral services will be on Monday, April 25, 1994, at 11:00 a.m. at the St. John’s Lutheran Church in Markesan, with Rev. Dennis Meier officiating. Visitation will be from 10:00 a.m. till 11:00 a.m. at the church. The Wachholz Funeral Home of Markesan is in charge of all arrangements. A memorial has been established. 

Image (7)

This picture of footprints in the sand are my footprints from a trip to California. I walked along the beach, turned around and saw the footprints so I took a picture of them. After dad died I thought this saying would work perfectly with this picture. 

Image (28)

Parts of cards gotten at funeral.

Parts of cards gotten at funeral.

Flowers from funeral.

Flowers from funeral.

Planting a tree in honor of dad who died on Arbor Day.

Planting a tree in honor of dad who died on Arbor Day.

Image (81)

Some of my relatives came the day of the tree planting. My dad’s cousin Dick who was in the army & Legion with him and went to Vegas with him said a few words, a prayer and then took the empty shell casings from the military salute to my dad and pushed them in the ground by the new tree. I didn’t know  he had kept them. It was a nice memorial. 

This property where we planted the tree was my dads. It is now known as Bradley Branches and the new home of my mom and dad as they rest there.

New_Image (6)

When my dad died the nurse asked us if we wanted to donate my dads organs. I remember mom telling the nurse as she was crying “why should I donate his organs, no one would donate to him”. What a sad comment to make. The nurse left us alone and we talked and we then decided it didn’t matter that dad didn’t get a kidney. He was gone now and if we could help just one person out then my dad would be happy he didn’t die in vain. 

It turned out that dad helped out many people. We got this letter in the mail shortly after his death. What a difference one person can make!

Image (36) Image (37)

After dad died a memorial brick was placed in his honor at the park in Pardeeville, Wisconsin. 

DSC00184 DSC00185

DSC00188 DSC00189

Below is a tribute video I made of my dad’s life in the Army, The American Legion and his death.

Till we meet again in the big blue sky……

Love Jo

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10 thoughts on “A Tribute To My Dad ~Part 5

  1. Oh hon – you and your dad were both so young. The tree, the shell casings, the transplant letters – I’m so glad you’re remembering him still.


  2. What a very beautiful tribute! The loss of one’s dad is one that neither lessens, nor becomes lighter, over time. My own dad’s presence and influence in my life are just as strong after his passing as they were when he was physically with me. It looks like the same is true for you.


  3. Tears in my eyes, lump in my throat, what a beautiful tribute to your dad. I am so honored you shared him with us. I thank him and all the men and women who served and still serve this great nation for us. I am so sorry you lost him so young.


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