A Tribute To My Dad ~Part 1

Side tracking from my Chesapeakes for a couple of blogs to pay tribute to my dad.

This is the first of several series A Tribute To My Dad. My dad is no longer with me. He left this earth on April 22, 1994. Even know it has been 19 years since he left me I miss him more and more each year. Time is suppose to heal all wounds but I tell you time hasn’t healed my wounds yet. Guess I just need more time. I loved my dad, he was my soulmate when I was growing up, I looked up to him and I believed that I was always his favorite (a girl can always hope and believe)! He left this earth when I was only 23, I was barely an adult and didn’t get to experience adulthood with him. This is one regret I have. I can’t dwell on the regrets so……. Come follow along in the journey of my dad’s life.


It all started Feb 22, 1946 when Raymond Oliver Bradley married LaVerne Jane Froehlich. This was the start to a very happy family when two became one!

Grandma & Grandpa

Grandma & Grandpa

November 24, 1946 was the next joy in Ray and LaVerne’s life. Their first son out of six children was born, they named him Maurice Ray Bradley.

Maurice Ray Bradley

Maurice Ray Bradley

What a cute little lad

What a cute little lad

This poem was written by dad’s Grandma Bradley when he was one year old.

Maurice Ray 

There is a darling little boy.

His name is Maurice Ray.

We wish him “Happy Birthday”

For he’s one year old today.


His hair is soft and silky;

His eyes so big and blue,

He always has a winning smile

To give to me and you. 

He is a happy little fellow,

And always full of pep.

We think he’s worth his weight in gold,

Our little house hold pet.

 Grandma B


Grandma's favorite picture of dad

Grandma’s favorite picture of dad

After dad was born Grandpa and Grandma went on to have 5 more children. They had a girl who they named Judith, a Son they named Dennis, 3 more girls named Diane, Linda and Cindy their family was now complete.

The Bradley Family

The Bradley Family

The Bradley Family older

The Bradley Family older

Grandpa and Grandma were farmers, dad started helping them out on the farm at a young age.

Dad on his favorite tractor

Dad on his favorite tractor

Dad did manage time to sneek away and do some hunting, hunting was his favorite past time. This was dad’s favorite hunting dog.

A boy and his dog

A boy and his dog

I used to go hunting with my dad all the time while growing up. He was a fantastic teacher and that was our time together. He taught me how to shoot a shotgun and took me pheasant hunting on my other Grandma’s land with our pointer then with our Chesapeake Trigger. He then taught me how to shoot a rifle and took me deer hunting on his parents land that was passed down to my dad. Deer hunting was my favorite time of the year as it was during my Birthday. We would pack up and stay with Grandpa and Grandma for the weekend. I had Birthday cake and deer hunting, can’t beat that!

I am blessed that I have the above shotgun a Model 12 -20 Gauge shotgun. It was his pride and joy and now I cherish it.

The Bradley Family as adults

The Bradley Family as adults

Families are….

One of God’s greatest treasures and the

Embodiment of all that is important in life.

Families are a refuge

In good times and bad, a warm place

Of peace where acceptance reigns.

It matters not

What you do or where you are,

One thing you never doubt is your family.

The members are always there,

Arms ready to embrace with healing hugs,

And hearts with unconditional Love to share.

A family is a gift that’s never

Completely unwrapped, it is

A present for which each

Member is eternally thankful.

Thank you Grandpa and Grandma for such a wonderful dad. You raised him right and I am blessed to be called his daughter!

Stay tuned for part 2

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