Pixels is getting a Stress Headache

Pixels needs more votes!

Long Life Cats and Dogs

Oh the stress of it all!

You, my wonderful friends, have done an incredible job and, although Pixels entered the competition race ludicrously late, she’s managed to climb up to 3rd position!

Problem is, she needs at least 226 more votes to get to 1st.

I know most of you have already voted but, if anyone has additional email addresses, or people they know who might vote, or any other ideas to drum up votes, Pixels would be eternally grateful and the kittens in the shelters (all awaiting the prize food to be donated to them) would love you forever!

The link to vote on her picture is:

Pixels Photo – currently in 3rd but needs to get to 1st

You hop on there, put in your email address, rate the photo as 5 stars (please) and Send.  Job done!  Kittens happy!  Your good deed for…

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2 thoughts on “Pixels is getting a Stress Headache

  1. You are such an incredible STAR! Thank you so much for reblogging again. Every bit is helping to push her upwards. Silly #1 is rallying up votes now so, every time we get close, the pull a little bit away again. Tut, tut. However, with your help, she’s now getting really, really close and our adrenalin is just pumping here.


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