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Thank you Misty Shores Chesapeakes for the great nomination for the Liebster award! I accept this with great pride. It’s because of great blog friends that I get awards and that other bloggers hop on to my site and check me out.

The Liebster Award …

When receiving the award, recipients must:

  • post 11 facts about yourself and answer 11 questions posted by the person who nominated you
  • pass the award onto 11 other blogs and ask them 11 questions (you must make sure you don’t nominate the person who nominated you!)
  • select blogs with 200 or less followers

Eleven facts to know about me (or my dogs):

1. I have owned Chesapeakes for 12.5 years with Norman being my foundation stud.

2. I compete in UKC and AKC hunt tests and have titles for each of my dogs at various levels.

3. I just started showing my female Glory in AKC conformation shows.

4. Gambler was the #1 dog in the UKC Top Ten Breed Standings for 2012.

5. Glory was the #6 dog in the UKC Top Ten Breed Standings for 2012.

6. I am not a writer, I just fudge my way through.

7. I love to take pictures.

8. I am a Veterinary Technician and work 1.5 hrs from home because I love my job so much.

9. I have Guinea hens that roam my farm.

10. I love to hunt with my dogs.

11. I am on a diet so I can look good in my dress for the Top Ten conformation show.

Eleven questions to answer:

1. Name a stereotype about the country you come from?   Well more of a state stereotype that people from WI the dairy state love their dairy and it shows.

2. How many languages do you speak?     One

3. What is your funniest travel experience ever?     When I went to Omaha with my girlfriends many moons ago we needed to take a cab so we got a cab and joked around with the guy about if he was a ax murder and if we were safe in his cab and he asked our names and I said I was Bertha Big Butt and then that got into a whole other skit and laughing the whole way to our destination. He wasn’t a ax murder and a fun taxi cab driver. This happened when I was 18 so I wouldn’t dream of doing anything like that today!

4. Which food do you cook best?    Crab & Shrimp Boil

5. Your favorite song?    Seasons Of Love by Rent Soundtrack

6. Which place do you recommend me as a Must-See?     Country sides of  London.

7. How do you spend your time in transportations while traveling?     Reading or playing on Google Nexus.

8. What is a global issue that you worry most about?    Don’t worry about the things I can’t change alone.

9. Your favorite blog post?     They are all so great they all are my favorite.

10. What is the last restaurant you have been to and how was it?     Perkins, breakfast was darn good at supper time!

11. What do you want to achieve this year?     I would like Gambler and Glory to win some awards at the UKC Premier this June. 

Now for my nominees for this award in no particular order are:

2 browndawgs

Long Life Cats and Dogs

Tylersat99 Blog

Just Ramblin’

Russel Ray Photos

Kirbys Dawg Blog

Donkey Whisperer Farm Blog

Hop on over to these blogs and give them a visit and a comment that you were there. They are all great bloggers and I enjoy reading their blogs. Thanks again to Misty Shores Chesapeakes for the nomination!

9 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. Congrats on your award! Thanks for passing it along to me. I am a bit behind on awards as usual…lol.

    Seasons of Love huh? That is a great song. I love One Song Glory from that sound track. I would say that is my fav from that show.


  2. Awww you have guinea hens they are the sweetest cutest things ever! I want a pair! You have had Chesapeak’s for 12.5 years that is definitely something to take credit in good job!
    I am so glad you got this award and thanks for passing it on to me. I am also a bit behind in awards and got a couple libester’s already somehow…lol but will have to acknowledge this one soon! 🙂 Your buds Leah & Kirby


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