Glory Learning Blind Work

Glory is going to be 16 months old come April 4th. She is doing single marks really well so John has started training her for force to the pile which will be her beginning work for learning how to run blinds. Blind retrieves are eventually going to be a retrieve of a bumper or a duck that she has not seen put out and she will then need to be handled to the blind by using hand signals and whistle stops. That is a whole other day of drills and training. By teaching her how to run to the pile John put out a green bucket (so it was easily seen in the snow) put bumpers by the pail, Glory got to watch all this so she knows where the bumpers are. He then lines her up about 20 feet from the bucket and tells her “Back”. Since she knows where the bumpers are she runs to them. He repeats  this several times so that she learns when he lines her up and says back that she runs in a straight line until she gets to a bumper to bring back. John only does this drill 10 times a day so she doesn’t get board with it. He then throws some fun bumpers to keep her interested and happy so she will want to learn more.

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