Allergic Reaction ~Glory

I came home from work the other day to find a puffed up Glory. She was having an allergic reaction to something. I don’t know what she was reacting to but something didn’t agree with her. Her face puffed up like a stuffed animal. She looked like a Shar Pei. John had been home with her and was watching her and she didn’t get into anything, said she was playing in the living room and then her eye started to swell up then her whole face did. She must of gotten bit by a spider that he didn’t see. Usually that is the case with allergic reactions, most likely a bug bite of some sort. I had some Benadryl on had so gave her that and by morning she was fine.

This allergic reaction just caused her face to swell, some allergic reactions will cause face swelling and hives or just hives. The allergic reactions tend to be very itchy so a trip to the vet is in order to get fast relief. They will usually administer a intravenous injection of a steroid to combat the allergic reaction and keep from anymore signs developing. The animal will then go home on oral antihistamines  and/or a oral steroid. Since this was just face swelling on Glory I gave her some Benadryl that I had and a oral steroid without the injectable medication. It takes longer for the swelling to go down when just orals are given. If they have difficult breathing from the reaction then they should be taken to the vet for proper care.

Now I'm puffy.

Now I’m puffy.

Now I'm not.

Now I’m not.

5 thoughts on “Allergic Reaction ~Glory

  1. Aw, poor Glory. My Dalmatian used to be allergic to bee stings. Had to carry stuff with me all the time, as her throat would swell and everything. Very scary when we were out on the farm, with plenty of bees around and a long way from a vet. Glad Glory is alright now.


  2. Oh poor Glory. When Thunder bloated, the vet suspected an allergic reaction to a bug bite because his spleen was swollen and it appeared to her that it flipped first and took his stomach. We had been in the field training that day and there were wasps and bees around. Of course we saw nothing and will never know for sure, but those bug bites can cause problems. We carry Benadryl in our first aid kit for them. Glad Glory is OK now.


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