Canada Bound


Canada here I come!

Nellie and John left for Canada this past Thursday night. John went as far as Minnesota to our friend Mike’s house, stayed there and headed out in the morning. We come to know Mike thru Nellie’s first litter. Mike bought a puppy out of her first litter that was born 12/25/07. He picked out little yellow girl and named her Pearly Mae. She has been the love of his life for the past 4.75 years. This year will be the 4th year of going snow goose hunting in Saskatchewan with Mike and Pearl. I have went the past 3 years but this year I stayed home since I will be going to the UK at the end of October to see a puppy out of Normans last litter. Nellie missed out on the Canada trip last year as she came into heat and we decided we were going to breed her for the last time so it turned out the day we left grandma had to take Nellie in to the reproduction clinc and have a surgical AI done on her and then she got to stay with grandma for the next week. Grandma did a excellent job as Nellie took and she had 4 healthy puppies. She was upset that she watched us pack the truck and drove off without her. The dogs seem to know what is going on and what time of year it is. So this year Nellie got to go hunting by herself with John. She should have a great time. I’m sad that I couldn’t be with them. I love to go and take pictures and videos so hopefully this year the guys will get me some good shots. Have fun Nellie, may you get lots of retrieves!


4 thoughts on “Canada Bound

  1. I hope they have a wonderful time! I would love to go to just to take pictures too.

    Oh yeah spent the weekend with two dogs that couldn’t go and let me tell you it was not so fun. Poor Storm stood and watched out the window the entire time my husband was gone hunting.


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