A good weekend

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Sunday morning John and I took our friend Tom out goose hunting. Gambler was the chosen one to go with and pick up our birds. While waiting for the geese to come we got to watch many cranes fly over and listen to them talking to us as they flew over. Then the geese came. We had 3 groups of geese fly over and ended up with 7 geese. Gambler did a excellent job retrieving the geese. The biggest one was 11.5# and the smallest one was 6#. Gambler is weighing in at 70# himself so that big goose was a mouth full but he managed to do it. I took my old camera as I didn’t want to get my new one all full of dirt so the pictures arn’t as good as they should be. Sunday afternoon was Nellie and Glory’s turn. We sat up in the middle of a wheat field, John had Glory laying next to him and I had Nellie. Nellie was a old pro and layed right down next to me and didn’t move a muscle. Glory on the other hand took some coaxing to keep her laying down but when she did she did very well for her first time hunting. The birds were too far away that flew over so the girls didn’t get any birds but I did get some good shots of them as I had my new camera this time. Hope you enjoy the pictures.


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