A couple of good training days.

Had a couple of good training days this past weekend. Trying to get Gambler ready for a AKC Senior Hunter test and Glory ready for a AKC Junior Hunter test. Gamber of course needs work on not breaking while waiting for the second bird to be thrown, decheating and honoring. He does good with the training collar on but not sure how it will all go test day. His water blinds are getting better also. We haven’t did all the skills we should have done for water blinds but he is doing alright. The hunt test is coming up on  Aug 18, 2012.

Here are a few pictures from Saturdays training. Norman and  Nellie got to train also, everyone had fun in the water!

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3 thoughts on “A couple of good training days.

  1. Very nice pictures. I wish my camera was fast enough to catch the dogs midair, but it isn’t. Yours sure takes nice pictures. Kudos to the photographer!

    Good luck with your upcoming tests. It is great that Gambler will be running Seniors and Glory in Juniors. I bet they do great!

    We are undecided whether to run Freighter this year or wait until next. I just know the bad habits his Grandad picked up at those early tests and fear Freighter will follow in his shoes, so to speak….lol.


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