Counter Surfing

Gambler brings a whole new meaning to counter surfing.

This morning I was sitting in the living room and heard some noise of clanging dishes, I turn around and Gambler is up on the counter licking off all the dirty dishes. He was making sure he got them all licked off as he was standing 2 feet in the sink rearranging the dishes to get them all. He thinks he is a cat and is allowed on the counters! The best part is I cleaned out my refrigerator and the scraps were in a bucket on the island counter waiting for me to take it out to the chickens. He didn’t even care that it was there he was too busy with the empty dishes.

3 thoughts on “Counter Surfing

  1. I have to show this to my husband…our little girl is nine months old and it is her new thing to clean off the counters in the evenings! Frustration abounds as we try to teach her this is not okay! He’ll appreciate knowing these smart little ones are just using their brains to get more of what they want! Not just our stubborn little girl! Thank goodness our kitchen is smaller then yours or she would have all four up there too!


  2. Thunder was a counter surfer as a pup, but Gambler takes the cake! (Maybe he actually could take a cake…lol). I can only imagine how surprised you were to see him on the counter. 😆 What a character he is!


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