Gambler proofing project

Gambler is always rummaging around in the shed for bumpers. We usually leave our training supplies in the back of our truck for easy access and just have to jump in the truck and go. Gambler is 14 months old now and he is a agial dog forsure or just driven for his bumpers or anything to do with training. If I leave Gambler outside unattended (well for that fact if I’m outside also) he will jump in the back of our truck and take out all the bumpers and drag them all out on the lawn for all the dogs to play with. He will then grab the leashes and training bag and carry that stuff around also. You can’t put those bumpers high enough where he won’t get them. If there is a will there is a way with him. Did I mention he will jump over the side box of the truck to get in the back to get the bumpers.

I had this bright idea that I would clean the shed and move a shelve around in there and put all our training supplies in one spot and then put some hangers up so I can hang my 5 gallon pails so Gambler couldn’t get the bumpers. I worked really hard at cleaning and getting everything set and then comes Gambler and jumps up on the second level of the shelve, puts his head in the 5 gallon pail hanging there and pulls out the bumpers! URGH guess I didn’t Gambler proof it good enough. When I went into the house he also got y training bag and I found that under the deck with all the stuff out of it and ground into the dirt. He couldn’t put it under the deck where it is easy access, no he had to put it under the smallest spot where I had to get on my bellie and crawl under there. Does he not know I have a fear of small spaces!

5 thoughts on “Gambler proofing project

  1. I love how smart they are and their great noses but it can be frustrating for sure! Our little girl does the same thing to us, darn her! If you have any tricks on teaching them not to bark when they are talking please let me know. She is nine months old. Our last one did the low growling type converstions with us but our Gwen has a high pitched bark that vibrates your eardrum! lol’s

    Love reading all about your adventures. cheri


  2. Gambler sounds like quite a character. I can’t believe he got up that high for the bumpers. I don’t think Thunder would ever jump like that for bumpers, only ducks. Storm would walk over hot coals for a bumper. 😆


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