This past weekend – my first UKC dog Show

My friend was coming up to WI from NC to bring a puppy up, look at a stud dog and stay with me. Since she was staying with me she asked if there were any UKC Conformation shows she could show Gambler and Glory in for me. I said yes there is and off to the show we went. I only attended one AKC Conformation in my life and it was a very long time ago so this was going to be all new to me. We got to the show and my friend used her magic fingers to make the dogs look good and away she went. Luckly this was a small show so I didn’t get lost in what was going on. I was the photographer and cheerleader. My two chessies were the only 2 chessies competing. There were 2 shows on Sat and in the ring first was Gamber. Of course he won (there were no other males) and then it was Glory’s turn and of course she won! Then they got to go in the ring for Best of Winners dog. Glory beat Gambler in both shows and then Glory got to go back into the ring for the Gun Dog group showing. She took 3rd out of 6th in the first show and then 4th out of 6th in the second show. She got a total of 70 points and 2 wins towards her title for the first day and Gambler got a total of 50 out of 100 points needed. The Second day things changed, they both won their class as they again were the only chessies there but then Gambler won Best of Winners in both shows. In the Gun Dog group showing Gambler took 4th out of 5th in both shows. So he got an additional 70 points and 2 wins towards his title and Glory got 50. They both now have 120 points out of the 100 points needed and 2 wins apiece. They each need one more win for their UKC show title. It was a fun weekend! I learned alot and I still have lots to learn by the end of August when I will have to get in the ring and do it myself.

Here are some photo’s I took as well as some Julie Darling took.

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6 thoughts on “This past weekend – my first UKC dog Show

  1. Congratulations. They look great. I can’t imagine taking two young dogs that live together into the ring at the same time…lol. Looks like they were well behaved. So do you think you might try them in AKC shows too?


    • i’m going to leave that up to my friend to decide. Gamber probably not as he has some flaws but Glory is put together better but she has a curl in her tail. These guys were bred for hunting. i did use a show champion to breed to nellie but Gloey still got her mommas tail. my friend said UKC is more leaniant so we show beable to get a title. AKC there are just to many nice show dogs. if she thinks glory can stand up to them then yes she will go in the ring.


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