SHR Sand Spring Evry Paws A Winner JH

Gambler and I had a fabulous weekend at the UKC HRC WISILL hunt test held at Bong State Park. We ran Started and had a pass each day giving Gambler is Started title (SHR)! He is on a roll now, he isn’t spooky at the hunt test like he was in May when we first started. His bird handing has gotten so much better on land but still needs to learn that he should keep the bird in his mouth when coming out of the water when going to shake. Needs to learn to just not shake until I take the bird. Of course since it is so dry out the water level was way down so the water went up to the dogs belly and they had to run threw it instead of swim. That caused a problem for many dogs as they could fool around with the bird in the water instead of just swimming and getting back. Nonthe less we did it and I am so proud of my little GMAN! We are now going to up the training and get on with Senior/Seasoned level work which we started on earlier this year but then had to be put on hold since Gambler was going backwards. Full speed ahead now.

Gambler now has a start of his ribbon wall in the dog room. He has big paws to fill to catch up to daddy Norman who is a HRCH and MH but I know in time he will do it.

Here is a video of our hunt tests:

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