This past weekends training day

We travel to Sheboygan Falls on the weekends when we’re not trialing. Our good friends are up there and we go to train. There kennel name is Woodland Bay Chesapeakes. Mike has trained Norman to his HRCH,  MH title and Nellie to her HRCH, SH title. We currently don’t have a dog there for training as I am trying to train Gambler myself. It was a very nice sunny day the dogs and humans had a great time with a bbq afterwards.

Here are some pictures of the day.

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Nellie is in a ad for tritronics and Norman is retrieving a avery dokkin.


Check them out on Facebook:   Norman and Nellie are on the cover photo! Norman is the chessie in front of the marsh grass holding a banded bird. Nellie is hanging out in her Mutt Hut! How cool is that??


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Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day Norman!

You have given me the best give any dog could give me. You gave me Gambler, he is all I could ask for in a puppy out of you. He is a clown like you, he is handsome like you and he is coming along in his training like you did. He is my Normie Clone. I will love him to piece just like I love you to pieces.

You also gave me Nellie. You gave her to me 10/7/04. She has been the best girl I could ask for you. She has blessed me with 3 healthy litters and now she has blessed me with a little girl from her, Glory. Thank you Nellie.

You are the light of my life and I hope you know how much you mean to me. You are my soulmate and have help me thru alot of sad times. Thank you for all you have given me, I will cherish every moment of your life that you have given me.

The green monsters

Our pond is nothing but green. That didn’t stop the pooches from wanting to play in it. They are water dogs of course so in they went. Gambler had fun standing on the bank watching the frogs jump in and then he would stick his face in the muck trying to get them. They all needed baths after that ordeal. Yuck!