Horicon Marsh HRC tomorrow

Tomorrow Gambler and I will be running in the started HRC test held at the Horicon Marsh HRC club. Here is the link to the clubs website.


If he passes both days he will have 10 points. He will need 20 points for his Started title (SHR), 40 points for his Seasoned title (HR), 100 points for his Finished title (HRCH).

Norman & Nellie both have their HRCH titles so they will be spectators. The jury is still out if we are going to enter Glory or not, we will see if there are any openings tomorrow when we get there. She has this puppy habit of not bringing the duck all the way back to taking it to someone else so we will see.



One thought on “Horicon Marsh HRC tomorrow

  1. Good luck tomorrow. I bet Gambler will do great! Freighter has the same habit as Glory. He won’t be running any tests until we fix that…lol. I could see him taking a tour of the place.


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