Like Father Like Daughter

Glory is 6.5 months old now and she is looking so much like her father. I took this picture this past Sunday after training. She sits just like her dad did in the picture I got of Lefty.

Daughter: Sand Spring No Gut’s No Glory

Father: CH Port Sides Great Xpectations MH

3 thoughts on “Like Father Like Daughter

  1. Usually the puppy’s out of Nellie have resembled her. Glory has been different from the start. I couldn’t see Nellie in her, as she gets bigger she is looking more and more like her dad. She does have Nellie’s gay tail but that is about it. She has such a different personality also that we haven’t had in our dogs. She is so independent, Norman will growl at her when she gets near him and wants to lay down and she just looks at him like “what” and she plops down not caring. She is softer now that she is in force fetching (Ginny said Lefty didn’t like pressure) so she is her fathers daughter!


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