Wordless Wednesday~Where’s Gambler-Another Vacation

Gone on another hunting trip. My black duck retrieve.

Yes Gambler is on another hunting vacation. This time he didn’t go out of the state, he went about a half hour away from his house. For the next 10 days Gambler will be staying with my friends Justin and Cassie and their dog Riley (a Nellie puppy). I will be on a little vacation myself so I needed to find someone to take care of Gambler and since Justin guides for his business All Seasons Adventures in WI that would be the perfect place for him as he will get to hunt every day. So far they tell me Gambler hasn’t gotten into any Mischief so next Monday might be a little boring.


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TropiClean At chewy.com

Chewy White

Ding dong Chewy.com calling. We got our monthly sample from Chewy.com.

Does your pet have bad breath, want to make it smell minty clean why not give TropiClean Fresh Breath Water Additive a try, I did.

Glory had bad breath in Saskatchewan, the bed we stayed in was very small so Glory was right in our faces breathing on us as we slept. So I was happy to see that Chewy.com made a delivery when we were gone and TropiClean Fresh Breath Water Additive was waiting for the gang to try.

TropiClean came with a little breath bone attached. What a clever idea, now they have to attach 3 one for each dog.

TropiClean, to be added to your pet’s water for fresher breath.

TropiClean Fresh Breath Water Additive For Dogs, 16 or 33.8-oz bottle

Until pets learn to gargle, they’re prone to bad breath. Unfortunately bad breath means bad bacteria, and that causes many dogs and cats to develop oral disease by the time they reach their third birthday. TropiClean Fresh Breath Water Additive is a safe, natural additive you squirt in your pal’s water bowl each morning. It removes plaque and tartar, eliminates harmful bacteria in the mouth, and gives your pet pal 12 hours of breath so fresh you won’t mind the face licks.

Key Benefits

  • Simple to use
  • Reduces plaque and tartar
  • Reduces risk of periodontal disease
  • No brushing required
  • All-natural formula with aloe and green tea

Purified water, Citric Acid, Cytlpyridinium, Chlorophylin, Glycerine, Potassium Sorbate, Green Tea Extract.

I added it to the gang’s water bucket, since I had such a big bucket it took almost half of the bottle.

It did bubble up a little bit when I added the additive after the water was already in the bucket. A couple days later when I made up a new batch of water I forgot and added the additive first and I got a big foamy mess so I suggest you remember to add it last.

Whoops, don’t add the additive first then fill with water.

Let’s see what the dogs thought.

Nellie trying it out in the little dish.

Not bad at all, I can do this and it gives me minty fresh breath.

Nellie drinking more.

Glory trying out the big bucket.

I didn’t get any pictures of Gambler drinking out of the dish. All dogs drank the water with the additive in it. Their breath was better right after they drank but I can’t say it lasted 12 hours. If you can’t do anything I think this is a good alternative to help keep the bacteria at bay so the tarter doesn’t build up as fast.

The 16 oz bottle lasted my gang of three large breed dogs one week. At $15.49 a bottle I think this product is better for smaller pets that won’t go through it as fast as my gang did.

You can find this any many other great products at Chewy.com and have it delivered right to your door.

Why Chewy.com?

Because: Chewy.com has more than 300 brands to choose from and is ready to fetch it and ship it, direct to your doorstep, anytime of the day. Have a question regarding the best food for your pet? Call us 24/7 and our helpful customer service team at Chewy.com is ready to listen.

Chewy.com lives and breathes pets. Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Chewy.com’s dedicated staff is committed to providing quality pet products to our customers in a fast and easy way. That’s why we have warehouses located throughout the country – so the products are delivered quickly and efficiently. Bottom line, Chewy.com delivers pet happiness – and there’s nothing really better than that.

Their products are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed (if your not happy call them and they pay for shipping the item back), they have expert pet care and product advice, over 200 of the best pet brands and 24/7 customer care. Another great benefit of Chewy.com is they have autoship for your pet food needs and orders under $49.00 are a flat rate shipping cost of $4.95.


200 SW 1st Avenue

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301


I was compensated 1 bottle of TropiClean for a honest review from Chewy.com.


We’re joining the Tasty Tuesday blog hop today.  This is a blog hop that celebrates good food, sponsored by Sugar the Golden Retriever and Kols Notes.  

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Monday Mischief~MK Going Hunting With The Chessie’s

What you say, MK Going Hunting With The Chessie’s?

MK’s a cat and the Chessie’s are dogs, right?

Right you are MK but remember MK was found and raised by Chessie’s so she is a ChessaCat and she wanted to go hunting with the gang the other day.

I decided to take Gambler and Nellie down to the creek to see if there were any ducks on the creek because John was taking Glory down the river with the canoe. We took off across the lawn down to the driveway and out of no where’s comes MK running to beat the band after us.

Hey whatcha guys doing?

Going hunting, I can hide.

Hey! Wait up!

MK you put your nose down like this to catch a scent.

This marsh grass is tall and thick.

Your doing great keeping up.

Who said a cat can’t go hunting?

Getting worn out, too much running in thick cover.

Selfie. Had to carry the little bugger as she was getting tired.

MK followed us through the Marsh, back to the same spot a year and a half ago we found her. She did a good job keeping up, when she couldn’t she would start meowing and Gambler went back and checked on her. I did have to carry her for a bit. No ducks were gotten this day. Too much MK babysitting.

monday mischief

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Black And White Sunday~Canoe Ride

Glory and John going for a little duck hunt down the river.

They ended up with only one duck.


We are joining Dachshund Nola & Sugar The Golden Retriever for the Black and White Sunday Blog Hop.
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Nothing But Norman #66

Happy Saturday All!

Project16 - Copy - Copy - Copy


Today is the Wisconsin pheasant opener, the start of our 10 week hunting season. You are only allowed to shoot male birds called roosters and the opening weekend you can only shoot one bird each day. After opening weekend you are allowed 2 birds per day. There aren’t many wild pheasants in WI so the DNR (Department Of Natural Resources) will raise rooster pheasants and release them onto public hunting grounds that the DNR owns. We are lucky that we live in the middle of many acre’s of public hunting grounds. Back in the day I would take both Norman and his daughter Nellie. Look how young Nellie looks in these pictures.

We are joining Ruckus The Eskie and Earl’s World for Sepia Saturday.



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We are also joining The Pet Parade.


FitDog Friday~Playing With Saskatchewan Friends

The third day of our Saskatchewan Hunting Adventure landed us in Regina, Saskatchewan where we met up with our Canadian pals. I was lucky enough to meet these two gals through facebook a few years back and our friendship has really grown. Each year when we travel through Regina on our way to our hunting spot we stop for a visit with Patti & Jill. One year they traveled down to the little ole town of Cambria and spent the night at my house to pick up a chessie puppy that our other friend had brought up from North Carolina. Patti is a chessie gal just like me so she picked up little Nugget two years ago and I got to visit with her again two years later. Jill’s heart is with Golden’s. Just after she got back home with Patti’s new puppy Nugget Jill was anxiously waiting the arrival of her new Golden puppy. Her puppy Danno just turned two this week and I got to play with him also.

We met up in a great big field that Patti and Jill use for their hunt test training. We let the dogs run, play and just have fun. The Chessie’s out numbered the Golden’s 4 to 2, but that didn’t stop them from holding their own.

Run, run, grabass.

More running and chasing and more grabass.

Some Golden fun.

The girls reunion with Pinky and SM.

Danno, Pearl, Nugget.


The fun and games continue every Friday with FitDog Friday, the weekly Blog Hop brought to you by To Dog With LoveSlimDoggy and Emma from Mygbgvlife to promote a healthy active lifestyle for pets (and their people, too!). Join in every Friday by linking up your FitDog story or visiting the blogs in the Hop.

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Thursday Bark’s And Bytes~Night In Minnesota

We left on Thursday September 26 headed up to our friends house in Minnesota to spend the night before we made our way up to Saskatchewan for our hunting adventure. Mike bought a puppy from us 7 years ago. This was our first litter with Nellie, Mike picked a female puppy and named her Pearl. We have become really good friends over the years and this is who we go goose hunting with in Saskatchewan. Mike just recently moved to a beautiful house on Big Lake. The view was great, the company was great and the dogs had fun hanging out with each other. Here are a few pictures I took before it got dark, the Flag pictures I did some effects to that I thought were kinda cool. Friday morning Mike made us a nice breakfast and then we were on the road again Canada bound.





Nellie’s spooktacular 10th Birthday giveaway has ended. Thank you to everyone who joined the giveaway, I wish I could give you all a gift but I can’t so you will have to join in again in a few months when Glory has her Birthday Pawty.

Who are the winners of these great prizes?

And The Winners Are……..

Because I am a knob and this was the first time using the Rafflecopter I couldn’t figure out how to post the winners widget so you will have to take my word for it, plus there was a bonus pick so there were 4 lucky winners! Enjoy all!

Frist Prize: That Girls Stuff

Kathy Ebben from Ship Shape Dog Grooming

Second Prize: Luann’s Critter Creations

Amy Wernecke from house of Lewis

Third Prize: JoAnn’s Paracord Collar And Leash

Janet Keefe from Wag’N Woof Pets

Bonus entry was for another of JoAnn’s Paracord Collar And Leash

Jenn Richardson from Canada

Thanks again all for entering the giveaway.




The co-hosts for Barks And Bytes are Linda from 2browndawgs and Jodi from Heart Like A Dog.

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